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Ever wonder what the foundations of our government are?

Curious about what God might think about the Second Amendment?

Want to get a new perspective on issues such as communism or abortion?

"IS GOD A REPUBLICAN?" looks at a variety of topics, past and present, that affect all walks of life. Written with witty commentary coupled with biblical and scholarly research, topics are broken out into chapters and include everything from slavery and illegal immigration to socialism and our relationship with Israel. The purpose of this book is to enlighten those on all sides of the political spectrum and of all faiths of the destruction of America under the continuously growing influence of secular progressivism. Their accelerating rise to power is undeniable and they seek to undo the foundation of this country built by our Founding Fathers upon Judeo-Christian principles.

Over the years, many have been misled by progressives into believing that the Second Amendment is an ungodly abomination or that illegal immigration is acceptable to God. In some instances, they take the Bible out of context or use only bits and pieces of it to defend their arguments. Many of these instances are covered in this book with the hope that Christian and non-Christian readers alike will reconsider where their votes are cast in an urgent effort to curb the rise of the progressives and bring our country back to its roots.

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