Patriot America


Patriot America is not only a name but it's a lifestyle.

Finding Americans that stand firmly alongside the Constitution and Bill of Rights - the documents that our Founding Fathers carefully drafted so we could build the strongest and freest nation on earth - are seemingly becoming harder and harder to find. Personally, we don't buy that.

Recently, we've seen a spike in conservative voices being suppressed by progressives and their left-wing counterparts in news and social media. They like to believe that the population of conservatives is dwindling. And although many on the right might be led to feel that this is true, this is where we come in.

After writing his first book, IS GOD A REPUBLICAN?, founder of Patriot America, Rich Easson, is a proud conservative with a big voice and wants to make it known.

Already in the midst of writing a second book, this time about the dangers of socialism, he hopes that Patriot America will be a voice for those on all sides of the political spectrum who love their freedoms. We want to reinforce the values that have made and continue to make this country great.

We've worked hard and will continue working hard to bring the truth to patriots like yourself. To continue doing so, please help us by liking or following our social media pages, enjoying the book, listening to our podcasts, reading our blogs, or simply spreading the word so we can make America a Patriot America!

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