• Richard Easson

AOC Says Republicans Should Never Say “Blue Lives Matter” Again

In response to the events at the Capitol last week, AOC tweeted out a rant in which she said that she does “not want to hear or see the Republican party talk about blue lives ever again.”

She went on to say that “it was never about safety for them [Republicans]. It was always a slogan, because if they actually cared about rule of law they would speak up when people break the law.”

Funny, where were your fellow Democrats in denouncing the rioting and looting that took place in blue states, cities and towns throughout 2020, AOC? Where were you when the governors and mayors pledged to defund their police departments?

Jenny Durkan of Seattle allowed far-left activists to take over city streets, a police precinct, and extort businesses within their occupied zone. Violence and murders took place within its borders while residents feared for their lives and this all lasted for weeks without intervention.

Ted Wheeler of Portland permitted a police precinct to be violently taken over by activists and allowed them to roam the streets, loot and riot, all summer.

Democrat-led cities all over the United States – Minneapolis, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, among others – all experienced similar events.

Not to mention, the “protestors” broke mask and social-distancing ordinances put in place by their elected Democrat officials without any reprimand.

Sorry AOC, but the Democrat party has clearly embraced lawlessness and disregard for law enforcement for far too long, not the Republican party. Recall, several police organizations and unions endorsed President Trump’s re-election bid because they felt respected by the Republican party and Trump. Republicans do not respect defunding police departments, especially in cities that need them most, and Republicans especially do not appreciate the hateful, anti-police rhetoric that comes from the left.

Ready for a slap in the face to you? Even your own NYPD endorsed Trump!

In trying to convince us that the left is pro-law enforcement, once again, AOC has shown us her irony, arrogance, deceit, and hypocrisy. Spare us your garbage, AOC.