• Richard Easson

AOC Says Taxpayer Dollars Should be Spent to “Deradicalize” White Supremacists

AOC has been known to come up with radical ideas and spew outlandish rhetoric. Just last week Patriot America reported on a video the New York Democratic representative tweeted out.

In the video, AOC said, "I don't want to hear or see the Republican Party talk about blue lives ever again. This was never about safety for them, it was always a slogan because if they actually cared about rule of law they would speak up when people break the law. They would speak up. They would enforce fairness and equity, but they don't give a damn about the law. They don't give a damn about order. They don't give a damn about safety."

She also accused the Republican party of being white supremacists. In the same video she said, "They give a damn about white supremacy, they care about preserving the social order and the mythology of whiteness. They lust for power more than they care about democracy."

Sorry, AOC, must we remind you which party wanted to secede from the Union in order to preserve its desire of white supremacy?

During a virtual town hall last Friday night, the representative blamed the Capitol siege on white supremacy. "The white supremacist cause is futile, it's nihilist — it will never be realized. The path forward for all of us is a multiracial democracy that fights for the economic and civil rights of every American," she said. "Their world will never exist. That's why we're seeing violence right now."

AOC explained that while she was a member of the House Subcommittee on Civil Rights and Civil Liberties, she learned about existing programs dedicated to “deradicalizing” white supremacists. She blamed Donald Trump for rescinding government funding for the programs.

Her plan to eliminate radicalized white supremacists is to increase taxpayer funding for the programs. She told the town hall viewers that her goal is to “double, triple or quadruple, or increase funding for these deradicalization programs en masse.”