• Richard Easson

Biden’s Approval Ratings in Various Categories Inch Lower, According to Poll

Did you really think that Biden’s approval ratings would remain high throughout his presidency? Neither did we, but to begin declining at a significant pace only two months into his tenure as president is a sign that his favorability, even among those who voted for him, may broadly disintegrate over time.

In a new ABC News/Ipsos poll, 72% of Americans approve the president’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic while 75% approve of his vaccine distribution. Even 60% say they approve of his handling of the economy. These are overwhelming figures, especially the former two, but become the contrary as the poll looks at other topics.

The poll found that a majority of Americans, 57% to be more specific, disapprove of Biden’s handling of gun violence and the border. According to ABC News:

The issue of immigration is one of the most polarizing among those included in the poll, with clear majorities of Republicans (89%) and independents (54%) disapproving of Biden, while one-third of Democrats say the same. Similarly, Biden's handling of gun violence draws disapproval from 86% of Republicans, 56% of independents and 37% of Democrats -- the highest dissatisfaction among members of his own party of the issues asked about in the survey.

Although the poll did not take an overall approval survey, these numbers are telling about the outlook on Biden’s long-term plan during his first term in office. A majority of those who responded to the survey conducted between March 26 and March 27 labeled the surge of migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border a “crisis.” And we all know the current administration has repeatedly refused to call it just that.

A separate poll conducted by Gallup said that Biden’s jobs approval rating is now at 54%, down from 57% at the start of his time in office.

Former Vice President of the United States Joe Biden speaking with attendees at the 2020 Iowa State Education Association (ISEA) Legislative Conference at the Sheraton West Des Moines Hotel in West Des Moines, Iowa. Gage Skidmore/Flickr

As much as we don’t want more restrictive gun control, the Biden administration has vowed to enact executive orders to bypass potential gridlock in Congress. This was confirmed by White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki on Friday during a press conference, without giving a definitive timeframe. Their inability or unwillingness to put forth more stringent gun measures by now has made some poll participants, especially those who voted for the sitting administration, hesitant to give a positive rating on their effectiveness in curbing gun violence.

At this point, who the heck knows what an effective item looks like put forth by this administration. And we mean “effective” as in beneficial to a majority of the American public, not killing off a pipeline project that destroys 11,000 jobs in the name of averting potential impact to the environment with no data to back it.

Biden finally conducted his first press conference in over 60 days in office just last week. Within his first nine days as president, he signed 40 executive orders and actions. Again, we still haven’t seen anything effective. No wonder his ratings are so low and continue to decline.