• Richard Easson

Biden’s Pick for Health Secretary Backs Child Sex Changes

Biden’s pick for Assistant Secretary of Health at the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Dr. Rachel Levine, is scheduled to participate in the Senate confirmation hearing later this week, and it will most likely be a controversial one.

The transgender physician and former Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Health under Democratic Governor Tom Wolf is used to being at the center of controversy. For those who don’t recall, Levine pulled an Andrew Cuomo and forced COVID-19 patients out of hospitals and into nursing homes. Levine then tried to downplay the criticism received by stating that the order didn’t make much of difference, because it was part of the state’s COVID response, and the virus was already present in nursing home facilities.

Levine and Governor Wolf were notorious for their draconian measures in response to the coronavirus, threatening those who dared to go against the state’s guidelines and open their small businesses to make a living. Levine also encouraged Pennsylvanians to become involved with sexting or subscribing to pornography websites and services to prevent the spread of COVID, ordered two-year-olds to wear masks in public, and restaurants to stop serving alcohol the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

This time around Levine is back in the spotlight for a topic that disturbs most, if not all conservatives and that’s the topic of childhood sex changes.

Levine has openly been an advocate for allowing children to go through with sex changes, and as a professor of Pediatrics and Psychiatry at the Penn State College of Medicine, Levine gave numerous lectures on how to perform sex changes and gender conversion therapy on children since at least 2012.

Dr. Levine has said that children should be given the ability to choose the gender they identify with and has advised adults to follow the child’s lead and not “try not to force them one way or other [sic].”

At a 2017 speech given at Franklin & Marshall College, Levine told the audience “For prepubertal children, they might present in different ways. They might present at school in the gender they were identified at birth, or they might present as the other gender, or they might be more gender-fluid.” Levine also said that children as young as five know which gender they want to be.

Levine recommended that when children reach the “young adolescent” age, they receive puberty blockers and cross-gender hormone injections – methods Levine describes prescribing to children who express signs of anxiety regarding the natural puberty process.

Levine also noted that when dealing with “street kids” who enter clinics without parents, the process should be significantly accelerated in order to curb their temptation of purchasing hormones off the street.

Not only should the extremely disturbing COVID recommendations, regulations and requirements doled out by the former PA Secretary of Health raise red flags for senators ahead of the confirmation hearing, but Levine’s twisted outlook on what can be done to children should disqualify Levine from assuming such a role in our government.