• Richard Easson

Biden White House Removes Petition on Site that existed under Obama, Trump

Well, it looks like your right to petition the government is slowly being chipped away by the Biden administration, starting with the White House website.

Originally setup under former President Obama, and continued under Trump, the URL “” gave Americans the ability to submit petitions for the president to review. The same URL now redirects to the White House’s homepage.

No one knows exactly why the “We the People” page was taken down – a page that the internet archives shows dates as far back as Biden’s inauguration. The White House has not yet responded to a Fox News request for comment.

Obama’s administration said in 2011 the “We the People” page was a way for American citizens to exercise their Constitutional right to petition the government. A statement released by the former administration read, "Our Constitution guarantees your right to petition our government. Now, with We the People, we're offering a new way to submit an online petition on a range of issues -- and get an official response."

Again, no one knows why the Biden administration took the page down, but one can only speculate.

Maybe Biden is just as bad at writing as he is at speaking – struggling to get a proper syntax out every other word.

Perhaps it has to do with the same unkown reasons why it took him 50 days since taking office to finally give a formal press conference.

Or he might just spontaneously flip out when he reads something he takes offense to, just as the hotheaded presidenttypically does when engaging in heated debate.

Whatever the reason, it’s a surprise Obama showed some interest in Americans’ Constitutional rights, but not a surprise that Obama 2.0 (Joe Biden) is dismantling them one step at a time.