• Richard Easson

Cali Restaurant Owner Posts Video Showing Hypocrisy in Ban On Outdoor Dining - but not for Hollywood

Over the weekend, a Sherman Oaks, California restaurant owner shared her frustration on social media over her California county's hypocritical outdoor dining ban due to the coronavirus.

Angela Marsden, owner of Los Angeles County's Pineapple Hill Saloon and Grill, posted a video of herself walking toward her restaurant's open-tent outdoor dining area. The camera then shifted to a similar looking area of white tents only dozens of feet away. These much larger tents were not her own, though, but a dining area setup for a movie production.

What's the difference besides whose tents they were?

She's not allowed to host diners in her outdoor area while the production company can.

Marsden says that she spent nearly $80,000 putting together the outdoor dining area and making all of the necessary changes required by the county's health requirements. She also said that she cannot take out anymore in loans to operate and will have to close for the time being.

A survey released by the National Restaurant Association back in September said that one in six restaurants - or 100,000 in total across the United States - have closed due to the pandemic.

Marsden and other small business owners are currently preparing to protest the draconian measures issued by LA Mayor Eric Garcetti and California Governor Gavin Newsom, both Democrats. Hopefully Marsden and other business owners bring attention to the hypocrisy unraveling in Democratic-led states and cities.

Famous chef and business owner Andrew Gruel retweeted Marsden's video over the weekend. Days prior to that retweet he tweeted a video of his own that went viral in calling out the ban, and the governor, on indoor dining.