• Richard Easson


Joe Robinette Biden. Ring a bell?

This is the same Joe Biden campaigning for president today and I bet the Robinette part of his name threw quite the curve ball. The reason I bring up his full name will become clear to you in a minute as we progress through this endearing discussion of the cancel culture plaguing our nation today.

We’re well aware by now that statues of our Founding Fathers, presidents, Confederate generals and soldiers have been torn down by crazy left wingers all around the country over the past year. Even statues of abolitionists and other anti-slavery figures have been vandalized and destroyed. Just this past Sunday night in Portland a group of people gathered and tore down statues of Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln.

Brands like Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben’s have become victims of the left’s cancel culture in being forced to reconsider their mascots. Although not the first time, sports teams like the Washington Redskins have come under similar scrutiny, despite a majority of Native Americans not finding the team name offensive.

While we can agree that some of our earliest presidents were slave owners, and slavery in any form is clearly something that should disgust everyone, our Founding Fathers had other values and ideas that should be celebrated. Instead, their positive contributions to society are thrown aside and their statues torn down, burned, smashed, and vandalized.

All of this has taken place and continues to do so while a 16-foot bronze statue of Vladimir Lenin still stands untouched in Seattle, Washington. Lenin, a man whose extreme leftist ideologies led to the deaths of millions of people around the globe. Again, his statue remains intact.

We know that destroying statues and historical relics are steps toward erasing history. We’ve seen it happen early on in countries that went socialist, ISIS and the Taliban did it when invading new territories, and it is eerily recognizable to those who have read George Orwell’s 1984. Bottom line, It’s a play straight out of the socialist handbook. But why does the left continue to cheer on the destruction of historical monuments and statues, ridicule non-leftists with an ancestry they disapprove of, but not admonish their own? It’s what I like to call the Democrat-Double-Standard.

An unavoidable reality for some Americans today may be the fact that their ancestors owned slaves. Again, it’s unavoidable and one shouldn’t be blamed for their family tree’s issues, but, of course, Democrats get away with choices they make today. Left-leaning celebrities like Jimmy Fallon and Joy Behar are able to slide past mass criticism when they don black face on live TV. Who could ever forget Jimmy Kimmel’s black face sketch where he made fun of NBA star Karl Malone – he still has his show. We also had Virginia Governor Ralph Northam come forward and acknowledge that his page in his 1984 medical school yearbook featured someone in black face standing next to someone dressed as a Klansman. Never admitting which figure he was, he faced calls to step down from governorship, but never did.

While liberals rage on and try to cancel and destroy every piece of history and every person in this country that they see as being tied to something they don’t like, they turn a blind eye to those in their liberal party that are quite literally tied to things like slavery. They will without hesitation go after and attack descendants of slave owners on the right, but again, will ignore those before them on the left.

Take Kamala Harris for example. Plenty of sources have done in-depth digging into her background and found that Kamala is a descendant of Jamaican slave-owner Hamilton Brown. Even Kamala’s father, Donald Harris, came out and said that slave ownership was part of the family background. It doesn’t stop there, though. What about her running mate on this year’s presidential ticket?

Oh no! Not Joe ROBINETTE Biden! Not the blue-collar, “Lunch Box Joe!” Not the same Joe whose mother’s side of the family receives the media attention – the side of hardworking Irish ancestors and coal miners!

Yes, the same Joe who worked with segregationists in the Senate and whose crime bill was a complete 180 of what Democrats claim to now fight for.

What about Joe’s father’s side – the side less talked about and seemingly kept in the shadows. Let’s take a look at Joe Robinette Biden’s newly publicized background.

Yeah, that’s right, I said newly publicized! This past Monday, conservative media personality and radio host, Glenn Beck, released a trove of documents tracing Biden’s lineage back to slave owners.

The schedules seen throughout the pages of reports trace Joe’s lineage back to Maryland slave owners. For example, an 1830 Slave Schedule for Allegany County shows Joe’s ancestor, Jesse Robinette owning 16 slaves as a 6th generation slave owner. An 1860 Slave Schedule for Allegany County, Maryland shows that Dorcas Robinette had six slaves.

Unlike George Washington who ended up freeing his slaves, the Robinette family passed them down to their heirs. An accompanying schedule is entitled “Distribution of Slave Property to Jesse Robinette’s Heirs.” It shows a slave boy by the name Benjamin who was worth $450 as well as a girl named Nancy. A girl named Mary was valued at $235 while a boy named Nathan was $600.

You see, this will probably never hit the mainstream media. It’ll be swept under the rug just like all the other stains on the left. Recall, Megyn Kelly lost her job just by commenting on how some people dress in black face to honor those they admire, but Governor Northam, Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon, Joy Behar, among other leftists, who actually donned black face to make fun of someone or in a way that can clearly be seen as racist, kept their jobs.

If the left is so offended by people whose ancestors were slave-owners, then why aren’t they going after people like Harris or Biden. There’s clear evidence of the Democratic presidential ticket nominees’ ancestries, so what’s holding them back? Are they too preoccupied with destroying statues or lobbying to remove Mount Rushmore, because they think it’s going to do something?

Nah, they just want to protect their own and wipe away history to continue their march down the path toward socialism. They’re not interested in destroying their own leaders as they believe they will shepherd them into the socialist utopia they all want.

If you missed the link to the documents earlier, please click here to be brought to the page on the Glenn Beck website that houses them. You don’t want to miss them!