• Richard Easson

Cell Phone Video Gone Viral Shows NJ Governor Being Berated By Two Restaurant Patrons

A cell phone video has gone viral on Twitter of New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy dining with his family this past Saturday night at Char Steakhouse in Redbank, NJ, while being berated by two women. The women approached Murphy while he and his family were eating and began yelling at the governor about his COVID-19 policies.

Murphy addressed the situation during Monday’s state coronavirus briefing, saying it was “an unfortunate dining experience.” He mentioned that there was no interaction with the women prior to the filming and that a third friend eventually moved the other two away from the governor’s family.

The governor said "I don't condone out-of-bounds behavior, but I'm a big boy and I think I can speak for my wife, but let's leave my family out of this, number 1. Number 2, let's all keep each other in our prayers right now because this is an extraordinarily stressful period that we're in.”

Two state senators have spoken out against the video, both of whom are from Monmouth County.

State Senator Declan O’Scanlon, a Republican a regular critic of the governor’s COVID-19 policies, Tweetedthat the incident is “is totally out of line and out of bounds.”

State Senator Vin Gopal, a Democrat, called the video a representation of “ugly behavior.” He continued, "This lack of civility by this woman continues to be a stain on our society.”

According to, the Freehold woman who apparently posted the video to Facebook has since taken it down, although multiple news outlets have kept it and credited her for sharing it with them.