• Richard Easson

Chris Cuomo Receives Instant Karma After Tweeting About Resignation of Texas Mayor

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo received a wave of mocking replies in reference to his older brother New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, D., not long after tweeting about a former Texas mayor.

Ex-Mayor Tim Boyd of Colorado City, Texas, received extensive criticism after calling citizens of the town “lazy” and told them not to approach the local government to help out during the recent snowstorm that affected much of the state.

The notoriously arrogant Chris Cuomo, who just had a ban reinstated by CNN on him from covering or interviewing his brother, gave his two cents in the matter and tweeted "Resign or apologize and learn and become a better leader?"

The tweet was met with a whirlwind of replies that quickly reminded the CNN anchor of his older brother’s predicament. The New York governor is currently entangled in a swath of investigations into his handling of the coronavirus pandemic in his state, especially the forced housing and treatment of infected patients in nursing homes.

To make matters worse, the elder Cuomo is also entwined in allegations of threating a New York lawmaker who criticized his mishandling of the pandemic and sexual assault of an ex-aide.

Bottom line, Chris should not be talking.

(Cover Photo by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images for Tribeca Film Festival)