• Richard Easson

CPAC: Calls to Boycott Hyatt and Nazi Symbolism – Where’s the Fact Checkers?

As most know, the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) was held last week in Orlando, Florida. The four-day event took place at the city’s Hyatt Regency hotel and concluded with a highly anticipated speech from former President Donald J. Trump.

What most could have seen coming was a leftist call to boycott the establishment that held CPAC, and in this instance, Hyatt Hotels Corporation.

Twitter users took to the platform over the weekend to call out the hotel chain for hosting the event, and, even more ridiculously, accused the chain of allowing a stage to be setup in a symbol seen on some Nazi uniforms.

A Hyatt spokesperson shot back at those demanding answers from the company saying that the chain is taking a stand for inclusivity and respect for different views. The spokesperson told Fox Business, "We take pride in operating a highly inclusive environment and we believe that the facilitation of gatherings is a central element of what we do as a hospitality company."

"We believe in the right of individuals and organizations to peacefully express their views, independent of the degree to which the perspectives of those hosting meetings and events at our hotels align with ours."

Some well-known Republicans took to Twitter to defend Hyatt’s decision to host the event.

First of all, in regard to the boycott, the left loves to go on their #boycott tirades. It’s all their known to do, and it never really works out for them. Their boycotts tend to backfire and this one for sure will.

Secondly, comparing the CPAC stage to an odal rune used on Nazi uniforms is by far the dumbest conspiracy theory coming from the left in Q1 of 2021. The first person to see the supposed link must have done some serious research to try and further the left’s obsession over comparing the right to Nazis.

On this morning’s airing of the Glenn Beck Program, Glenn shared information he received from the company that designed the stage, Design Foundry, who has worked on Democratic Party events, after emailing them last night for clarity on the backlash CPAC and Hyatt received regarding the supposed symbolism. Also asked for in the email were details on whether or not someone within the company may have been trying to sabotage CPAC knowing that the design would cause a flurry of angry liberal viewers.

Design Foundry’s response said that CPAC and Design Foundry went back and forth on trying to find a design that was “intended to provide the best use of space, given the constraints of the ballroom and social distancing requirements.” Neither one of the parties involved thought anything about the stage’s layout other than its utility, despite the conspiracy theories floating around on social media.

Left-wing nutjobs like Alyssa Milano and Rosanna Arquette took to Twitter to help spread the disgustingly false news to the masses that the stage was purposely setup like a Nazi odal rune. What everyone wants to know, though, is WHERE THE HECK ARE THE FACT CHECKERS?

Fact-checking companies like PolitiFact and have had no problem screening posts coming from right-wing sources, even if proven true, but when posts are flat out false, have no evidence of truth and come from outspoken liberals like Milano and Arquette, they let them slide.

Let’s put this into perspective, even though it shouldn’t go here, but it will. Last time we checked, the Republican Party is the party openly defending the Jewish people. Is it not enough that Trump became the first global leader to move the U.S. embassy to Israel’s rightful capital of Jerusalem, and successfully established once-thought impossible peace accords between Israel and Arab nations? These moves were openly slammed by Democrats in Congress, especially by then-presidential candidate Joe Biden who called the embassy move “short-sighted and frivolous.”

Let’s also make note that there were Shabbat and Purim events held at CPAC, and yet the left will still say conservatives are Nazis.

If any party would be closer to Nazism it would be the left, simply because a Nazi was quite literally a member of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party, and fascism is a leftist ideology.

With all of that said, we shouldn’t be calling either side of the aisle Nazis to begin with – it’s unproductive and simply terrible to compare people to one of the most horrific regimes in world history.

By the way, where's Milano and the other leftists on complaining about Andrew Cuomo and the sexual harassment allegations against him? Is that not important enough to them? They were right there when Justice Kavanaugh was falsely accused. It just seems like spreading conspiracy theories and lies is more important to them.