• Richard Easson

Cryptic Tweet from Biden says He's Going to "Transform" the Nation - Does this Mean Socialism

In a Sunday evening Tweet, Democrat presidential candidate, Joe Biden, let everyone know exactly what he's going to do if he's elected president. Or is it that clear?

Biden didn't explain exactly what was meant by "transform," but for those who know what the Democrat leadership and influence looks like in the House and Senate, and believe that Joe is incapable of handling the presidency himself, they speculate that the transformation will be done from within and implemented out to the rest of the country. Republican critics of Biden point to the far-left wing of the government as the source of this transformation.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Nancy Pelosi and other leftist legislators have been adamant about implementing socialist ideologies and putting them into practice. The Green New Deal, reparations, the defunding of police, and doing away with bail - these are just some of the items on the socialist checklist if Democrats obtain control of the White House this year. Many fear that this is the transformation Biden was Tweeting about. His pick for Vice President will most likely signal the direction the country will move in if Biden is elected in November.

Some of the plans Biden plans to implant are listed and explained on his website. Some of the items include reforms to immigration, guns, COVID-19 response, climate change, and an agenda for the black community, just to name a few. All of which have been at the top of progressives' lists for social change,

The Trump campaign, though, has seemed to hit a soft spot for the left, especially during the rioting and looting that's been plaguing the country. Critics point out that the crimes are taking place in a majority of Democrat-run cities and states. The defunding of police has especially become somewhat of a rallying cry for far-left protestors and politicians alike, but is probably going to be a big piece of the elections this year. Donald Trump Jr. jumped on the opportunity to call the left out on this issue.