• Richard Easson

Cuomo Bans Football Fans from Games but Wants to Attend One Himself

If the hypocrisy in New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s actions (or lack thereof) in response to the coronavirus pandemic over the past several months wasn’t enough for you, maybe his recent response to the Buffalo Bills’ clinch of the AFC East division title will check that box for you.

As football fans know, the Buffalo Bills won their division’s title last Saturday when they beat the Denver Broncos 48 - 19. In giving their fans a division title, the currently 11-3 Bills handed their fans a franchise feat not accomplished since 1995. Thanks to strict pandemic restrictions within the State of New York, Bills fans who want to attend a game will not be able to do so.

New York State health commissioner Howard A. Zucker told the New York Post that “the big issue here is tailgate parties.” The Post’s article additionally stated:

“Bills fans are known for wild tailgates before games, which have included people jumping through flaming tables. And fans have been itching to get together to revel in the Bills’ great season. Thousands of raucous fans even greeted the team at the airport early Sunday morning when they returned home from Denver after clinching a playoff berth.”

Where Cuomo’s typical hypocrisy and lack of filter comes in was a statement he made during a recent conference call. The Post reported that Cuomo said "I want to attend a Bills game, I've attended them in the past," in response to a January playoff game being hosted at Bills Stadium in Buffalo.

In response to the governor’s statement, HotAir’s Jazz Shaw tweeted just what we were all thinking:

Looks like Cuomo’s book “American Crisis: Leadership Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic” is becoming more and more of a fairytale.