• Richard Easson

Do Donations to BLM Really Make it to Them? Passthrough Company's Chair is a Convicted Terrorist

Conservative political commentator, tv producer and radio host, Glenn Beck, recently released a report on his research tracing the funds of BLM back to its sources, and it is captivating, to say the least.

Links to his exposing videos are below, but here's an overview of TheBlaze's research.

Glenn's research found that initial donations to to Black Lives Matter go directly to an organization called Act Blue. Sadly, no IRS records show transfers from Act Blue to BLM, because BLM doesn't receive their funds directly.

The fine print on a receipt received by anyone who donates to BLM shows that their contribution goes to an organization called Thousand Currents. This same grant-making organization helped BLM organize itself back in 2016 with administrative and financial assistance.

Thousand Currents (we'll get to their interesting management style in a bit) gets their funding from the Tides Foundation, which is a leftist dark money foundation. Audit records show that minimal amounts of money actually pass through the Tides Foundation, from Act Blue, to BLM.

The website for the Tides Foundation mentions that its primary focus is on "Food Sovereignty," "Alternative Economies," and "Climate Justice." Their Partner list mentions nothing relating to the United States. Rather, it mentions dealings in Africa, Asia, South America, and the rest of the globe.

According to the most recent financial records, the very little that BLM eventually receives and then spends in expenses was:

1) $899,000 for travel expenses

2) $1,600,000 for "consulting"

3) $2,100,000 for salaries

and ultimately

4) $328,000 to local chapters

The timeline in Beck's video shows that a donation goes to Act Blue, which then passes through to Thousand Currents. From there, it either goes "dark" or goes to BLM. BLM spends 80% of whatever gets to them on travel, consulting and salaries, and only 6% on their local chapters.

Glenn expertly assesses "Either BLM knows how much money is getting claimed through Thousand Currents via Act Blue, or they don't. If it goes unclaimed, who is Act Blue redesgnating it to? Does BLM know why millions of the money that is being claimed from Thousand Currents isn't getting distributed to them? And where is it going? Either BLM is all-in on this or they're getting screwed by multiple liberal left-wing passthroughs."

Honestly, until any of these organizations are audited by the IRS or come forward and are transparent about where their money is going, words like "fraud" and "money laundering" will continuously be used, and rightfully so.

So, who runs Thousand Currents?

According to author Michael Rectenwald of the book "Beyond Woke," communist revolutionary, Susan Rosenberg, the now-vice chair of the board of Thousand Currents, was a member of the infamous May 19th communist organization (M-19). M-19 was a communist movement during the late 70s-early 80s. Born out of the Black Liberation Army, this group was responsible for devising plans to bomb the capitol building, among other locations, and targeted the assassination of police.

Susan Rosenberg was responsible for devising the bombing campaigns of an FBI office in 1983, an Israeli aircraft industries building, the South American consulate in New York, and Fort Mcnair (twice).

Eventually, Rosenberg was arrested and convicted for carrying 470 pounds of dynamite, as well as other weapons, and was given a 75 year sentence in jail. She was released after serving only 16 years by Bill Clinton on his last day of presidency on January 20, 2001.

First link on YouTube is about the funding of BML while the second link is to a Facebook page about Thousand Currents's leadership. Enjoy!