• Richard Easson

F-15C Fighter Jets Allegedly Placed On ‘Alert Status’ in Response to Domestic Protests

According to an article recently published by the Los Angeles Times, in March of last year, California National Guard members were placed on alert and waited orders from their Sacramento headquarters in preparation for any protests that would break out in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Ground troops were readily available to assist authorities on the state and local levels in quelling any civil unrest that could have potentially broken out due to stay-at-home orders.

More disturbing is an alleged order given to the Guard according to four members with direct knowledge of the matter. According to those members, the branch of the guard that operates F-15C fighter jets were given an alert status for the possibility of a domestic mission.

The four members could not give details on what the mission was citing the order didn’t explicitly state its goals, but they believed fighter jets would be deployed to “terrify and disperse protestors by flying low over them at window-rattling speeds, with its afterburners streaming columns of flames.” They noted that the jets were used for similar scenarios in combat zones in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The sources also noted that the jets were “on an alert status – fueled and ready for takeoff” to respond to uprisings sparked by the murder of George Floyd. One source said, “It would have been a completely illegal order that disgraced the military. It could look like we’re threatening civilians.”

A second source said, “That’s something that would happen in the Soviet Union. Our military is used to combat foreign aggressors.”

The sources pointed out that the orders were given orally or by way of text message as opposed to written, which gave them the uneasy feeling that the fighter jets would be used in an inappropriate way against American citizens.

The leader of the California Guard, Maj. Gen. David Baldwin, did not directly respond to any interview requests, but a spokesman for him denied the jets were placed on an alert status to respond to domestic civil unrest.

The spokesman, Lt. Col. Jonathan Shiroma said, “We do not use our planes to frighten or intimidate civilians.”

Additionally, Shiroma said that the use of aircraft to respond to civil unrest would require the approval of First Air Force, which administers the air defense of the continental United States for North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD). He said the state’s Guard “never made such a request.”

Internal documents from the Guard were reviewed by the LA Times and revealed that the jets were also placed on alert status for the possibility of an election-week mission. Guard officers expressed their concerns last March and during the summer months in utilizing the fighter jets for domestic missions including intimidating civilians.

Let’s keep in mind that this story would seemingly be contradictory to the Los Angeles Times ideology and its left-leaning agenda, so coming from them it’s pretty surprising and possibly true. And if indeed true, it would be a scary revelation that fellow citizens want to use military force to get something done.