• Richard Easson

Far-left Groups Riot Against Biden, Vandalize Democrat Party Building

On Wednesday afternoon, far-left Antifa and Black Lives Matter demonstrators poured out into the streets of multiple U.S. cities, including Portland and Seattle, to rally against the inauguration of Joe Biden.

In Portland, about 150 rioters caused damage to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) building by throwing rocks and eggs through its windows as well as vandalizing it. Police declared unlawful assembly that night on the so-called J20 protest.

Multiple individuals involved were observed carrying fireworks, stun guns, rocks, pepper ball guns, and shields.

About 150 rioters also gathered at Revolution Hall and marched to the headquarters of the Democrat Party of Portland. The rioters smashed its windows and vandalized the building.

In Seattle at least two people were arrested – one for property damage and another for assault. Across the city, several buildings had smashed windows and were vandalized, including an Amazon Go Store, a Starbucks, and the William Kenzo Nakamura Courthouse.

Groups of protestors in the city were carrying signs that read “Abolish ICE” as well as banners that suggested the protest of Joe Biden and police, including one that read “We don’t want Biden, we want revenge.” One cluster of demonstrators blocked traffic and burned an American flag.

Aside from the rioting, there was a gathering caught on video organized by the Democratic Socialists of America at Irving Park in Portland dubbed the “Rally to Inaugurate Justice.” A speaker at the rally said, "It should be clear that Joe Biden isn't going to save us…Joe Biden is a feckless puppet of the centrist democratic establishment who is only president because of his ties to corporate interests." Also mentioned in a similar manner were Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, both of whom are openly socialist.

Left-leaning media outlets have largely ignored the riots and demonstrations, but still dedicate their time on the events that took place at the Capitol earlier this month and attempt to pin the siege on conservatives and Donald Trump. The mainstream media has failed to mention the far-left activists disguised as Trump supporters who stormed the Capitol including John Sullivan, founder of his self-described revolutionary group, Insurgence USA.