• Richard Easson

Fellow Democrats Mad at Biden for Breaking $2,000 Stimulus Promise

Those who voted for the President and members of Congress with a “D” next to their name are coming to regret their votes over Biden’s broken promise of pursuing the promised $2,000 coronavirus stimulus checks. Instead, Biden is pursuing only $1,400.

Georgia Democratic Senators Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock, both of whom won their elections in the state’s January runoffs, made the $2,000 stimulus checks a central feature of their campaigns. Biden promised the same as he campaigned for the two Senators when he visited the Peach State the day before the elections.

In a tweet published on Saturday, the Democratic Party announced that they settled on the $1,400 amount, $600 short of what was promised to Americans only weeks earlier. Their tweet claimed that they fulfilled their promise of $2,000 paychecks by combining a $600 “down payment” issued by Congress last year plus the $1,400 being discussed now.

The tweet read, "@POTUS will build on the $600 down payment provided by Congress last year, sending an additional $1,400 to households across America, totaling direct payments to $2,000 per person," the Democratic Party said.

Those who identified themselves as Democrats on Twitter immediately reacted by blasting the announcement, including saying they’re “never voting D again.”

One user accused the party of manipulating their voters saying that the president and Democratic senators are "Gaslighting the very people who trusted & voted for you."

Another attached a screenshot of Sen. Warnock’s ad that promised the $2,000 checks saying, “Where does this say $600 down payment + $1400 check?”

Someone else embedded a picture of a January 21st tweet from Joe Biden promising the $2,000 checks.

The list of responses clearly showing devastation among Democratic voters goes on and on. What did they expect?