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Fight Over COVID Stimulus Check Leads to Quadruple Murder

Just when you thought the $1,400 stimulus check would have helped families, it destroyed one. An argument over a stimulus check quickly led to a quadruple murder in Indianapolis.

The New York Post reported that the murder suspect, 25-year-old Malik Halfacre, killed three adults and one child after a fight broke out over who should get what portion of a $1,400 stimulus check. Halfacre, father to one of Jeanettrius Moore’s children, shot Moore on Saturday, injuring her, but killing her daughter, brother, mother, and cousin.

Relatives of Moore told Fox59 that Halfacre wanted half of the check but became obscenely mad when she told him he would receive no more than $450 and it was a take-it-or-leave-it deal.

Moore’s cousin, Wendy Johnson, told the news outlet, "He wanted some of Jeanettrius' tax money, stimulus money. She said, 'No, you don't deserve any of this. I work. I take care of our child. You don't do anything."

The Post wrote, "Halfacre later returned to the home and started going through Moore's purse looking for the money when Daquan Moore tried to intervene to help his sister, prompting Halfacre to just start 'killing everybody.'"

Relatives identified the victims as 7-year-old daughter to Moore, her 44-year-old mother, Tomeeka Brown Eve, Moore's 23-year-old brother, Daquan Moore, and her 35-year-old cousin, Anthony Johnson.

"He shot Dequan first. He shot Anthony. He turned around, and he shot my Auntie Tomeeka. My Aunt Tomeeka said, 'Malik!' and he shot her again. He came back and shot Daquan for the second time and somewhere between little baby Eve got hit somewhere and she was screaming, she was screaming,” Wendy Johnson added.

Halfacre reportedly left the scene of the shooting taking his 6-month-old daughter, which set off an Amber Alert. The infant was found unharmed the following morning.

The suspect was taken into custody and charged with murder, attempted murder, and robbery.

(Cover photo: WRTV)