• Richard Easson

Florida Teachers Caught Partying While ‘Working’ Remotely

According to the South Florida Sun Sentinel, teachers in the Broward County School District came under fire for being caught "partying, traveling, and failing to wear masks at a time the educators say COVID-19 makes it too risky for them to return to campus."

The county reportedly went through the Facebook pages of teachers who have been working remotely and discovered that their whereabouts were far from “COVID-19 safe.” One of the teachers attended her daughter’s destination wedding in Jamaica while another attended a Joe Biden rally. "Others were pictured with cocktails in restaurants or enjoying a Disney or beach vacation with family or friends."

In response to the Broward Teachers Union challenging the district’s plan to end remote working for teachers, the school district culminated about 40 pages of research on the teachers and presented their findings at an arbitration hearing held last week.

Stephanie Marchman, a lawyer representing the school district said at the hearing, “If individuals on remote assignment can go to a Biden rally or to Animal Kingdom or to a luncheon, they can safely return to in-person teaching.”

According to the Broward Teachers Union, the efforts put forth by the school district amounted to “spying.” The union’s lawyer Mark Richard argued that the research “was irrelevant since there were no conditions for what teachers could do while working remotely.” He asserted that the employees were engaging in activities that Governor Ron DeSantis encouraged.

During the hearing Richard said, “You’re saying if you do something that puts you at risk, you should be at risk at all times. This is a sad day for the Broward County school system. Once you’ve gone to a Biden rally and didn’t practice social distancing, you might as well come to school, increase exposure and die.”

"They're making some insane assertion about a picture of a 2-year-old in a park," he added. "Doctors say it's good to be outside as long as you keep social distancing. What's the relevance of this?"

Sorry, but quite literally if you can be around tens, hundreds, or even thousands of others at a rally, a restaurant, a wedding, or an amusement park, you can be teaching on campus. Gov. Ron DeSantis actually encouraged in-person learning on multiple occasions. So, Mr. Richard, where’s the educators’ enthusiasm for engaging in that other activity that he’s encouraged?

Also, please enlighten us on how the school system is “spying” by utilizing information that those who posted it knowingly and willingly made it public? I guarantee you there’s jobs and recruiters checking the public social media accounts of those they’re seeking to hire during background checks – wouldn’t that be spying too? Just because the teachers were caught and made themselves, and their union, look like hypocrites, coming across public information magically becomes “spying.”

If there are lessons we can take away from this it’s that you can do everything in person but teach. Additionally, that the left will vilify everyone but themselves for breaking the rules they created. And answer this – where was this same COVID-related outcry from Democratic mayors and governors when BLM, Inc. and Antifa were rioting, looting and congregating without masks in close quarters to one another, in their states, cities and towns?