• Richard Easson

Georgia Secretary of State Says He’s Taking Steps to Prevent Voter Fraud

Prior to Christmas, Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger announced that he is taking steps to prevent out-of-state voters from participating in the state’s January runoff elections. His target is those that will move to the state just to vote then move out of it soon after.

I wrote an article right after the November election highlighting ex-presidential candidate Andrew Yang expressing his intent on moving to the Peach State with his wife to “to help clear Mitch out of the way and help Joe and Kamala get things done in the next 4 years.” Within his announcement, Yang encouraged others to follow his lead. The problem we noted was that it is a felony, according to Georgia State law, to move to the state and claim residency, vote, and then move out. People who wanted to vote had to have moved to Georgia by December 7th and stayed after voting for quite some time.

As of December 23rd, Raffensperger’s office mailed out 8,000 reminders to those who requested absentee ballots from out of state noting that it is a criminal offense to vote in the state’s election if they aren’t qualified to do so by law. According to the Secretary of State, it’s not necessarily a crime to request an absentee ballot after filing for a National Change of Address notice. He also stated that it’s common for those temporarily out of state to request ballots including members of the military and students residing in other parts of the country.

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp said that he believes the majority of those requesting absentee ballots are following the law as opposed to those trying to skirt it. He said “I don’t believe that that’s happening a lot. A lot of the new registrations from my understanding that we’re seeing are normal people getting their Georgia drivers license. 18-year olds that have the drivers license and are now eligible to vote or people that are moving into the state that are establishing permanent residency here, getting their drivers license.”

In a state where Joe Biden reportedly won by a rather small margin of nearly 12,000 votes, it should be concerning to Republicans that the Secretary of State’s office has to send out 8,000+ reminders that it’s against state law to vote if you’re no longer a resident.

What’s even more concerning is that during the 2020 elections, more than 1,700 Georgians were singled out for illegally casting two ballots – one at a drop-off box and another in-person. None of those ballots were cancelled nor were any of the perpetrators prosecuted to this day. Note, a large majority of the double-voters were Democrats. The highest number of offenders casted their ballots in the notoriously blue Fulton County, which includes Atlanta, and were allowed to cast a second vote by poll watchers there.

Hundreds of the poll watchers involved were recruited by the progressive legal group the ACLU, as well as a Democrat-sponsored temp agency. Many of the poll watchers were young and inexperienced. Failed ex-gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams, as well as other Democrat groups, were known to have pressured Raffensperger to mail out absentee ballot applications and install drop-off boxes throughout the state’s 159 counties.

If you think that voter fraud will end just because Joe Biden took the state and the Governor and Secretary of State say they’re doing everything in their power to prevent it, wait until the January Senate runoffs. Remember, the two runoff elections in Georgia could determine the fate of the U.S. Senate. A Republican-controlled Senate, like the one we currently have, can block much of the Biden-Harris administration’s wishes for at least two more years and that’s not something the Democrats want. So, if you believe the lengths the left went to get Donald Trump out of office were extraordinary, wait until next month – it’s already starting.