• Richard Easson

Governor Murphy, Hypocrite Extraordinaire

It's been over a month since New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy showed his true colors while being interviewed by Tucker Carlson on Fox News. During the interview, the governor was asked about his thoughts on the arrests of 15 men who attended a Lakewood, NJ synogogue for a rabbi's funeral and on what grounds the governor could nullify the religious freedoms of the state's individuals. He responded that his understanding of the Bill of Rights was "above his pay grade." His embarrassing statements and actions did not stop there.

Like most blue states, over the past several weeks the governor exercised authority and shut down salons, gyms and stores that were not deemed "essential" and had those who defied his orders arrested and/or fined. In mid-May, Atilis Gym in Bellmawr, NJ was shut down by the New Jersey Department of Health after its owner found its sewage line backed up just a week into the owner's defiance of the governor's order.

Just yesterday, during a press conference regarding the protests for George Floyd, the governor again, but not surprisingly, made a rather embarrassing statement. An excerpt from his televised conference can be seen below.

Murphy said, “It’s one thing to protest when nail salons are opening and it’s another to come out in peaceful protest overwhelmingly about a person who was murdered right before our eyes.”

Like many, I can't believe this man is serious. First he claims that the Bill of Rights, a document that we're all bound by and that elected officials swear to uphold upon taking office, is "above his pay grade," but then he picks and chooses exactly who he'll let congregate in close quarters. Between eight people in a salon with masks on or eight hundred in a protest, some masked and some not, he sides with the group that is more likely to spread the same exact virus he was looking to curb through closing the doors of religious congregations and other "non-essential" places.

His perverted view of rights is sickening and delusional. According to legal experts, he cannot simply pick and choose who he'll give First Amendment rights to. What he is simply doing is openly protecting the rights of those who are not challenging him. He's nitpicking and it is downright wrong.

On the Tuesday morning edition of "Fox & Friends," Judge Napolitano slammed the governor for his hypocritical stance and couldn't have said it any better. He said, "I don't know which is worse, what Governor Murphy told Tucker Carlson...when he said the Bill of Rights was above his pay grade or this, where he is going to permit and protect demonstrations for a public policy issue that he agrees with, but not demonstrations that want to challenge him.”

A governor, or any elected official for that matter, needs to seriously reconsider their remaining time in office if they won't uphold the same rights of the citizens they swore to protect before entering their position.

Four words - Murphy needs to go.