• Richard Easson

Is BLM a Neo-Marxist Organization? You Be the Judge

In the wake of the recent protests that have taken place all over the country for the past month amid the killing of George Floyd, many people have come out in droves for various causes. Some peaceably protesting for there to be changes in policing, and others protesting to outright defund the police. There's other groups that have unfortunately hijacked rather peaceful protests in order to further their far-left ambitions and anti-Semite rhetoric, such as Antifa.

For another group, what began as a slogan turned into a rather efficient organization that claims to expose police brutality where it exists. Black Lives Matter, or BLM for short, began after the acquittal of Latino neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman in Sanford, Fl. after he shot and killed a 17-year old African American by the name of Trayvon Martin.

BLM became a household name after the killing of Michael Brown in 2014. Mr. Brown, an African American man who was fatally shot by a white officer after the officer told him and a friend to get out of the middle of a road for obstructing traffic. It was determined in court that Mr. Brown approached the officer in his car and beat the officer while reaching for his firearm, which led to Mr. Brown's demise. Since then, BLM has gained traction in not only the United States over the years, but all over the world. The phrase "Black Lives Matter" is not what bothers most, but it's the ideology behind BLM that's recently come to light that raises the most questions. The desire to defund police, get rid of capitalism, seek reparations from slavery to redistribute wealth, and disintegrate the nuclear family structure, are all ideologies taken straight out of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels' Communist Manifesto.

Behind BLM's Founders

BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors, during a 2015 interview, said that her and another co-founder, Alicia Garza, were "trained Marxists." In 2017, Cullors criticized President Donald Trump and compared him to Adolf Hitler and said the president is “the epitome of evil, all the evils of this country—be it racism, capitalism, sexism, homophobia.” During an interview with CNN's "The Lead" she expressed that BLM's "goal is to get Trump out."

In the video below, Ms. Cullors, during the interview, discuss her desire for a far-left movement in the US and expresses that her and Ms. Garza are "trained Marxists."

What Do We Know About BLM So Far?

BLM has raked in more than $100 million in donations and grants from liberal foundations and other groups that support socialism. Some of the most well-known foundations donating to BLM include those founded and backed by socialist and Democrat mega-donor George Soros's Open Society Foundation and Center for American Progress.

As mentioned above, Patrisse Cullors claimed that one of the evils of this country is capitalism, a clear play out of the communist handbook. According to the BLM website, one of the things that they look to dismantle is the "Western-prescribed nuclear family structure." As some may know, the nuclear family was something that kept the African American family together, and even more-so than the Caucasian family, prior to racist and Democrat president Lyndon B. Johnson declaring his War on Poverty in the 1960s.

How Communism Comes Into Play

The Communist Party USA has no problem taking advantage of such the recent events. Along with their support for the far-left group Antifa, the CPUSA has published dozens of articles exploiting what they call "racial and national oppression" as an attempt of the working class to overthrow the government. This is a cause that Ms. Cullors of BLM is openly empathetic to.

What these socialist/communist groups push for is a complete overhaul of the government, naturally. Apparently capitalism is racist. Under the guise of a group that seeks to end what many call "systemic racism," BLM and Antifa-like organizations call out anyone who does not support them and label them as racists if they don't conform. Quite simply, one could say it's "fear-mongering." And just to add, most supporters and monetary contributors of BLM are Caucasian females.

Multi-national companies like Facebook, Nike and Amazon have given into BLM. Facebook has gone so far to not comply with police and refuse to give them access to their facial-recognition technology, which could potentially assist in the solving of various crimes and murders. New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees even ended up apologizing for a comment saying that it was disrespectful to kneel during the national anthem after receiving so much backlash for answering a question in relation to Colin Kaepernick.

Here's what CPUSA has to say:

"The American public is being dared to embrace a new version of itself, this time free of racism, sexism, homophobic bigotry, and economic exploitation. A new body politic is being erected on America’s streets and workplaces—not only are people demonstrating in the public square, but workers at the point of production are beginning to strike.

Yes, it’s coming. And inevitably, that body of working-class America will soon stand up, and stand tall.

It won’t be easy. It’s going to take marches, strikes, occupations, boycotts, and yes voting to make it happen. The issues are what matter. And here new proposals to increase police funding by Republicans and Democrats alike must be completely rejected.

Elections are key. So are the new forms of people’s power being debated and proposed in the uprising. Mass movements and revolutions are issues of who possesses state and governmental power.

Our people are declaring loud and clear: we will wait no more, our dying days are done."

With the above put out there for all to read, what do we think of the organization? That's for you to decide.