• Richard Easson

Kamala Harris Video is a Play Straight Out of the Communist Handbook

You should absolutely recognize a play straight out of the communist handbook when it stares you right in the face, especially when it comes from the vice president of the United States of America.

Plenty of officials in our local, state and national government have eagerly expressed their sympathy with Marxist-Leninist ideologies. Some make it obvious, others go the subtle route. Don't be fooled, though, they do exist, and two of whom serve this nation at the two highest ranks of national government support the same ideologies that millions have fled to the United States to escape.

Below is a video that was posted to Vice President Kamala Harris' Facebook page some months ago that gives a message unmistakably pulled straight out of the Communist Manifesto and a staple of far-left governments.

Be aware that these dangerous ideologies are not only being pushed onto us, but especially into the malleable minds of our children - in schools and on social media through videos that seem fun, playful and easy to following along with, but are 100% anti-American.