• Richard Easson

Latest Twitter Ban: The MyPillow CEO

The ban of conservatives on social media platforms treks on. For the latest victim, Mike Lindell, or as most know him, the “MyPillow guy,” the ban also extends beyond social media.

According to Newsweek, Lindell’s account was permanently removed by Twitter for alleged violations of the company’s misinformation policy. The vocal Trump supporter’s Twitter crime was claiming voter fraud existed during the 2020 presidential election and led to the former president’s loss.

During Tuesday’s airing of the Rush Limbaugh Show, Lindell told guest host Mark Steyn that big-box stores Bed, Bath & Beyond and Kohl’s recently pulled his products from store shelves.

In an interview with NBC affiliate KARE 11, Lindell said that his MyPillow products were also pulled from HEB stores, the Canadian Shopping Channel, and Wayfair.

Last week, the CEO told NBC News that “a group has attacked my vendors.” He noted that vendors contacted him saying that they had been threatened with “a boycott if they don’t comply” and must drop all of his products.