• Richard Easson

Left is Upset Over Assassination of Iran's Top Nuclear Scientist - Including Former CIA Director

You read that right, but who isn't surprised at this point?


Democrats jumped on every opportunity to condemn the assassinations of terrorists like Qassem Soleimani and Abu Mahdi Muhandis, so why wouldn't they continue their temper tantrum and condemn another assassination under Trump's watch?'s Trump.

Last Friday, Iran's top nuclear scientist, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, was shot and killed in a well-orchestrated ambush on his convoy. The 60-plus person operation managed to kill the man at the helm of the Iranian nuclear team for nearly two decades as he was headed to his private villa just a few miles outside of Tehran.

No one involved in carrying out the operation was killed or injured in the ambush.

Despite the news bringing relief to many countries around the globe, especially Israel, who has had to live in constant fear of the regime that has been knocking at its front door on the Syrian border, a number of Democrats have shown no restraint in calling the assassination a "criminal act" and "highly reckless." This includes none other than former CIA director under Barack Obama, John Brennan.

Brennan is a man who lost the little credibility he ever had thanks to his involvement in the Russia hoax that has plagued this nation for over 4 years.

Brennan is a man whose boss (and Biden) embraced the highly ineffective Iran Nuclear Deal that included giving the terrorist nation $150 billion in cash. The tax payer-funded money went toward destabilizing the region, which includes Israel, and killing American servicemen and women - they all knew it would too.

As far as people like Brennan are concerned, they'll keep showing their treasonous nature until our justice system holds them accountable. Until then, we can only make their tweets and rants go viral so they can make themselves look even more despicable to a broader mass and hopefully make them see how idiotic they sound. It's a doubtful goal, but worth a try.

As for Iran, they jumped on the first opportunity to publish artwork praising the three men assassinated in the past year.

Terrorists like these three and others that have been killed under Trump's watch is exactly why we have someone with the gall to take action like him in the White House.

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