• Richard Easson

Major Corporations Begin Their Assault on Conservatives

If you thought the recent bans, suspensions and censorships of big-name conservatives and Trump supporters on various social media platforms was the end of the assault on the right, you’re wrong.

It was only the beginning.

Companies such as Verizon, JPMorgan Chase & Co., Marriott, and AirBnB have joined a growing list of corporations that decided to suspend political donations through their PACs going to Republican lawmakers who challenged the Electoral College certification of Joe Biden.

According to Forbes, Marriott, Blue Cross Blue Shield and Commerce Bancshares became the first companies to suspend campaign donations to the objecting Republican lawmakers. Through their corporate PACs, these three companies have donated to at least one of the eight senators who challenged Joe Biden’s certification.

Marriott donated $1,000 to Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) and $1,000 to his leadership PAC, Blue Cross Blue Shield donated a total of nearly $12,000 to Sens. Hawley, Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) and Roger Marshall (R-KS), and Commerce donated $2,500 to Marshall.

The PACs of banking giants CitiBank and JPMorgan Chase & Co. donated $1,000 to Hawley and $1,000 to Marshall this election cycle. Both companies said they would halt their donations to both parties for the upcoming months with a JPMorgan spokesperson clarifying that they would halt donations for six months.

Other companies that hopped on the bandwagon were Hilton Hotels, American Airlines, BP, Goldman Sachs, Boston Scientific, Microsoft, Hallmark, Facebook, and Visa. These companies noted they would pause and review donations given to both parties. Hallmark asked for prior donations to Hawley and Marshall to be returned to the company.

AirBnB, Verizon, AT&T, American Express, Mastercard, and Dow (chemical company) all said they would freeze donations going specifically to Republican objectors.

These aren’t the only big developments in a growing list of events targeting Republicans and Trump supporters.

Stripe Inc., one of the largest payment processing companies, said that it would no longer process payments for President Trump’s campaign website citing last week’s Capitol building siege.

Canadian e-commerce company Shopify Inc. shut down stores run by Mr. Trump’s business and campaign.

At this point, it’s only a matter of time until companies begin targeting individuals who identify as conservatives, gun owners, registered Republicans, home schoolers, or anyone who showed support for Donald Trump. What we saw with the seemingly overnight mass banning on multiple social media platforms of Trump, his allies, supporters, conservative movements such as #WalkAway, and anyone who posted any sort of word or string of words offensive to the left such as “Stop the Steal,” is a sure sign of what’s to come under the progressive Democrat takeover of the White House and Senate.

With the left’s power locked in two of the three branches of government, their long-awaited overhaul is lurking. Media and Big Tech are obviously in their pockets – that’s been exposed throughout Trump’s presidency, and even prior to. Those two industries, along with public schools and some governmental institutions, have been promoting “critical race theory,” the far-left doctrine that demonizes white people for their supposed “white privilege.” Now it seems like some of our biggest corporations, especially financial services, are in Democrats’ pockets too. They’ll do anything to appease the dangerously progressive Democrat Party in power to stay on their good side and there’s no telling where that will lead and what it means for conservatives. It won’t be pretty.