• Richard Easson

Mayor de Blasio Finds a New Way to Burn Cash

New York City Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio is under fire, once again, for seemingly spending taxpayer money frivolously. This time it's not on a large BLM mural purely to make a political statement, but on a task force overseen by his wife, Chirlene McCray.

In an article published by Fox News on August 20th, it noted that within McCray's 14-person staff, 8 of them are raking in salaries totaling $1.1M. According to past and present employees of the Mayor's office, and public records, the salaries her staff makes is actually closer to $2M in taxpayer funded salaries.

The spending comes at a time when the Mayor is considering laying off about 22,000 municipal employees on October 1st due to a tight budget, as well as proposed the controversial NYPD budget cuts.

De Blasio was quick to defend the salaries by saying "That article [referring to an article published by The City] didn't take into account the work that's being done. This work is about the needs of the people of this city. The mental health crisis is much deeper because of the coronavirus, across the whole city, that's one of the things she's been working on intensely, but also as the co-chair of the internal task force this extraordinary task force on racial inclusion that has been moving big policy changes."

McCray is seeking a run for the Brooklyn borough presidency in 2021.

(Cover photo: POLITICO)