• Richard Easson

Mike Rowe’s Popular Show “Returning the Favor” Abruptly Canceled on Facebook

Mike Rowe is probably best known for hosting Discovery Channel’s “Dirty Jobs.” In the show he takes part in trying his hand at some of the dirtiest or lesser-known jobs across America and shows viewers the importance of those occupations. “Dirty Jobs” ran from 2003 to 2020 – reruns air on Discovery and TBN.

Another show he stars in, “Returning the Favor,” made its premier in 2017 on Facebook Watch. The show features Rowe traveling across the United States meeting people who typically need a helping hand, whether it’s financial, supplies or a makeover for their business. The need is revealed at the end of the show to be taken care of by Rowe and his team. Unfortunately, “Returning the Favor” was abruptly canceled despite its popularity.

In a statement written on his Facebook page yesterday, Rowe said, “I received a phone call yesterday from Facebook, telling me that RTF would not be back for another season. Obviously, I was surprised. Returning the Favor has been a very successful endeavor, and the feedback from everyone has been extraordinarily good – from the first favor returned, to the 100th. In fact, it's the only program I ever worked on the never received a single, negative review, or one critical comment. In that way, it was truly unexampled.

Facebook still has yet to provide anyone with an answer as to why the show with extreme popularity and rave reviews was canceled.

Followers of Rowe on Facebook expressed their disappointment with the platform. One user said, "Bad (again) on Facebook. Returning the Favor is a wonderful show, helping us to remember there is hope and goodness no mater [sic] what is going on in the world. I sincerely hope it is picked up elsewhere. Meanwhile, that just means LESS time I spend on facebook. Keep up the good work Mike and company."

Another user wrote, “I loved this show! Did they give a reason why? God forbid we have a show that promotes positivity and shows the good in mankind instead Facebook has chosen to censor folks and focus on division and negativity....oh well, hopeful another network picks up this most amazing showcase of humanity at it's [sic] best!”

Until Facebook provides an answer, one can only speculate the company’s motives, and we know it sure as heck isn’t about the platform being strapped for cash. Is anyone surprised at this point, though?