• Richard Easson

Nancy Pelosi's House Vandalized...By Leftists

No matter if you’re on the left or on the right, we should agree that the safety of your house and its inhabitants is to be taken seriously and the infringement of your property is no laughing matter, if you’re for private property, that is. This even goes for Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi whose actual house in San Francisco was vandalized with leftist graffiti on New Year’s Day.

Pelosi’s $5.5 million residence located in the affluent Pacific Heights neighborhood was responded to by the San Francisco Police Department at around 2 a.m. on New Year’s Day. According to the SFPD, the suspects painted graffiti on her garage door and left the head of a pig on the sidewalk out front. By the afternoon, black garbage bags covered the graffiti. Luckily enough, pictures were taken of the garage door before the graffiti was covered to expose exactly what was written.

Written on her door were things such as “Cancel Rent!” and “We Want Everything!” Aside from an anarchy symbol drawn in black spray paint, strewn across the door was “$2K” with a line through it. The “$2K” is most likely in reference to the lawmakers’ failed attempts to produce a bill that gives Americans coronavirus stimulus checks in the amount of $2,000 instead of the $600 originally drafted by the House.

Let’s be honest here, Democrats in Congress brought it upon themselves to have such concerns brought to their doorsteps (no pun intended), but the damage is being hidden by the media. The far-left base that they think they’re appealing to are those that don’t want ANYONE in power. Democrats are only giving radicals a platform to speak on. We’ve seen evidence of what some might think as a far-fetched assertion that I’m making of this platform handoff in post-election demonstrations with leftists walking around with signs and vocal slogans clearly, and quite literally, announcing that they don’t want even Biden in power.

Now digest that one! JOSEPH ROBINETTE BIDEN JR. – the socialist puppet not even wanted by the base he and other Democrats thought they were appealing to.

It’s not about the right versus left – it’s about the bottom-line message – capitalists versus communists – good versus evil.

Progressives don’t want anyone in power that won’t cave to their every anti-American demand.

What more evidence do we need to prove that the far-left base the Democrats believe they’re appealing to want nothing to do with them and their representation? Democrats like Pelosi and Biden keep shifting further and further left thinking that it’s exactly what Democrats want, but they fail to understand that the product of their decisions are not only dangerous to average Americans, but also to themselves, as politicians like Nancy Pelosi, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler and Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan, have experienced.