• Richard Easson

New York State has its Largest Population Drop in Decades, Cuomo Blamed Weather

Population estimates from the U.S. Census Bureau show that New York State is experiencing its largest resident exodus since the 1970s.

According to its figures, the Census estimate shows that between July 2019 and July 2020, a net total of 126,355 individuals have up and left the state, a 0.65% drop. The number and percentage are the most of any state.

Behind the Empire State in terms of a drop in percentage were Illinois (0.63%), Hawaii (0.61%), and West Virginia (0.58%).

The states that boast significant population gains were largely in the Western and Southern regions of the United States. They include Arizona, Florida, Idaho, Nevada, South Carolina, Texas, and Utah.

Albany-based fiscally conservative think tank The Empire Center noted that if the current figures stand and are certified next year, the past decade will be New York’s largest drop in population since the 1970s. They stated, "New York's sagging population total is due mainly to an outmigration flow of 1.4 million people to other states since 2010.”

The New York Post noted that 2020 was the year that saw the most significant overall reduction in population thanks to fleeing residents.

In an article written about the state’s population decline, The Blaze mentioned that not only is the migration of New York’s residents to other states an embarrassment to the deep-blue state, it could also pose a political threat to it as well.

New York is currently tied with Florida for total House seats at 27. The two states are tied for third behind California (53 seats) and Texas (36 seats). During the process of reapportionment of House seats, Florida is expected to exceed the number of New York’s representatives. Florida surpassed New York in 2014 for the title of third most populous state, and the gap has continued to steadily widen.

According to critics of its progressive policies, the Empire State’s population decline is connected to Democratic policies, rising property taxes and economic decline. In 2018, Governor Andrew Cuomo blames the population decline on inclement weather. Sorry, Cuomo, but the state would be empty by now if that were the case.