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O'Sullivan's First Law - Conservatives Need to Stand Strong Among the Political Shift

If you've never heard of John O'Sullivan or his First Law, trust me, you're not alone. If you have heard of either, or both, then great, but I'll still review the basics and why this law is important to keep in mind as a conservative. The leftward shift is evident throughout the organizations and media companies we once thought to be conservative. We true conservatives have to keep our heads on straight, identify these leftward drifters, and practice our principles daily if we want to save America.

John O'Sullivan, CBE is a British conservative political commentator and journalist who worked in the 1980s as a senior policywriter and speechwriter for Margaret Thatcher while she was Prime Minister, and remained close to her right up until her death.

After working very closely with Thatcher, O'Sullivan served as vice-president and executive editor from 2008-2012 for Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. The non-profit organization provides free pro-democratic press in countries where the free flow of information is either banned by the government or harder to access.

In 1989, O'Sullivan coined his First Law which states: "All organizations that are not actually right-wing will over time become left-wing."

This definition clearly still stands true today as we've seen over the years, but especially during the 2020 Election. As mentioned earlier, it's important for us to recognize the leftward shift in media and educational institutions, for example, we once thought of as conservative but have clearly exposed themselves as quite the opposite.

Unlike media outlets such as The New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, or MSNBC, which claimed to be neutral, but Donald Trump quickly exposed as undeniably liberal, Fox News is an exceptional example of an organization with a conservative upbringing but shifting leftward. Although I'm sure we can agree that show hosts such as Sean Hannity, Judge Jeanine Pirro, and Tucker Carlson still hold true to conservative values, the network itself has shifted sharply to the left over the years and showed its true colors during Trump's presidency.

We saw Fox News reporter Kristin Fisher press Trump on the reported coronavirus testing shortages in hospitals back in April after he had answered similar questions numerous times.

We saw Neil Cavuto force a news feed to be cut away from a press conference on voter fraud with Kaleigh McEnany after she said the Trump administration wanted "every legal vote to be counted and every illegal vote to be discarded." Cavuto interjected "I can't in good countenance continue showing you this," and then cut the feed.

The man behind the Fox News decision desk during election night that called Arizona prematurely in favor of Biden was Aaron Mishkin. Miskin, a registered Democrat, told the New York Times that he voted for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election. He was contracted by Fox News as a paid consultant rather than a fill-time employee. His boneheaded decision to call Arizona for Biden well before all votes were counted undoubtedly raised a red flag for many viewers.

Fox News's hiring of former interim DNC chair, Democratic strategist and sharer of debate questions with Hillary Clinton prior to a debate that got her fired from CNN, Donna Brazile, has been yet another red flag for viewers for years too.

Aside from Fox News's shift to the left we've seen organizations like the Boy Scouts of America do the same when it comes to homosexuality and gender.

Chick-fil-A decided to throw in the towel and concede to the left when it stopped its donations to conservative Christian organizations in November 2019, but began giving to far-leftist, anti-conservative Christian groups such as the Southern Poverty Law Center.

As you can see, in providing just a few of the many examples out there, the application of O'Sullivan's First Law is apparent. Too many institutions, organizations, individuals, and establishments have been or are going to drift left - we have to see the signs and use the samples mentioned above as working examples to identify future drifters.

Think of it this way, it's easier to sin and continue sinning than it is to not sin and keep on a consistent path. In the same way, it's easier to accept a leftist ideology and then continue accepting them than it is to hold onto conservative values. Essentially, there's a natural flow leftward unless we dedicate ourselves to conservatism on a daily basis. We have to firmly hold onto those values if we want to save this nation from drowning in the evils of liberalism and progressivism. We cannot rely on organizations or media outlets to remain conservative, because once they accept a leftist ideology or allow a Brazile or Mishkin into their ranks, the leftward shift is inevitable, as we've seen.

We cannot rely on anyone but ourselves - the ability to save America remains with us.