• Richard Easson

PBS Staff Counsel Fired After Video Released Shows His Far-Left Tirade

A Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) staff attorney was canned not long after James O’Keefe of Project Veritas Tweeted hidden video of him going on a tirade against Republicans and Trump supporters.

The footage, recorded prior to the 2020 election, captures the now-former PBS attorney Michael Beller saying, "even if [then-Democratic presidential nominee Joe] Biden wins, we go for all the Republican voters, and Homeland Security will take their children away, and we'll put them into re-education camps."

Beller went on to say that “Trump is close to Hitler” and if Trump were to win reelection the response from people should be to “go to the White House and throw Molotov cocktails.”

In another part of the video, Beller could be heard saying “Americans are so f***ing dumb. You know, most people are dumb.”

He also praised the spikes of coronavirus cases in red states at the time saying that it was “great.” When his interviewer asked why, he responded that “either those people won’t come out and vote for Trump – you know, the red states – or a lot of them are sick and dying.”

PBS released a statement regarding Project Veritas’s video noting that “This employee no longer works for PBS. As a mid-level staff attorney, he did not speak on behalf of our organization, nor did he make any editorial decisions.”

PBS’s statement continued, "There is no place for hateful rhetoric at PBS, and this individual's views in no way reflect our values or opinions. We strongly condemn violence and will continue to do what we have done for 50 years — use our national platform and local presence to strengthen communities and bring people together."

PBS is a non-profit broadcasting company based out of Arlington, Virginia that is funded by donations and taxpayer dollars. Early on in President Trump's tenure, his proposed budget sought to pull federal funding from PBS and NPR. Republicans have long sought to do the same citing the companies' left-leaning views.