• Richard Easson

Police Unions Continue to Pull Plug on Democrat Endorsements - Is the Left Really that Surprised?

Last week it came as a surprise to many that the powerful Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association board voted to back Republican challengers rather than Democratic lawmakers this election cycle. But should it really come as that much of a surprise?

The association's decision came after a video on Twitter went viral a few weeks ago showing Minneapolis State House candidate John Thompson standing outside of Minneapolis Police Federation President Bob Kroll's home giving a speech to Black Lives Matter demonstrators laden with obscenities. After hurling expletives directed at police and Kroll, the video then shows Thompson beating piñatas made to look like Kroll and his wife.

In just this year alone, months have gone by where a lot of what you see in the news is a police-involved shooting of either an armed or unarmed minority suspect. Whether or not the officer or officers involved acted in self-defense is for a different article, but the outcome is similar in nearly every instance - a city with some residents and outside agitators that resort to rioting and looting and leave it almost unrecognizable. Police and cities' law-abiding citizens have been on edge, though, and rightfully so.

In June, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio agreed to cut more than $1 billion in NYPD funding. Around the same time, the implementation of new bail reform measures and the disbanding of the city's anti-crime unit lent a hand in the skyrocketing figures of shootings and gunfire injuries across the five boroughs. Also in June, following the death of George Floyd, the Minneapolis City Council proposed plans to dismantle its police department altogether and replace it with community-based public safety programs.

Remember the CHOP zone setup in Seattle's Capitol Hill district? The zone where within its cop-free borders multiple assaults and the shooting death of a teen were captured on video, various businesses were purportedly extorted, and people living above the streets feared for their lives? All of this while Mayor Jenny Durkan said it could be the "summer of love?" Not only did her remarks show complete disregard for the constituents that voted her in, but they showed absolutely no respect for the officers who were forced out of their city's east precinct or for the officers who had things thrown at them while putting themselves in harm's way in an attempt restore law and order in the city.

It's not only in the above-mentioned cities that police are being harmed, businesses looted and burned to the ground, and peaceful civilians harassed and beaten while taking a stroll down the block. We've also seen these instances taking place in major cities like Portland (which surpassed over 100 consecutive nights of civil unrest) and Atlanta. More recently, rioting and looting has taken place in smaller cities like Lancaster, PA and Rochester, NY.

Just this past Saturday, surveillance video showed 2 officers shot in their heads at point blank range during an ambush attack on their police vehicle in the Compton neighborhood of Los Angeles. Just last night, demonstrators were blocking the emergency entrance and exit of the hospital while hurling expletives directed at the two injured officers. The small crowd was caught on film saying horrendous things like "we hope they die." Thank God those two heroes are alive and in stable condition.

At the Republican National Convention last month, we witnessed plenty of support shown for our nation's police officers. We also recall Republicans blasting Democrat-let cities and states where the unnecessary rioting, looting and unrest has taken place. Republican lawmakers and President Trump have Tweeted and voiced their support for our heroes on numerous occasions.

It seems like everyone wants to know, though, where have the Democrats been?

Speakers at the Democratic National Convention did not condemn the violence nor praise our officers. For them, it's been quite the contrary.

In demonizing police, we've heard Democratic members of congress such as Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) compare the Minneapolis Police Department to a "cancer."

You would think California's ex-top cop and current Vice President hopeful Kamala Harris would show some support, but no, she's too busy trying to rid the US of a cash bail system.

It would probably be in Joe Biden's best interest to attempt to get at least some police on his side especially with just under 50 days to go until the presidential election, no? At this point, he's just too far down the tracks on the "defund police" train. Just when you didn't think Joe Biden, a self-proclaimed "moderate" couldn't move any further left, he did thanks to pressure his far-left peers.

It was sad to see Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-Queens) call the NYPD police union's endorsement of President Trump "inappropriate." Were you really that caught off guard, AOC? At this point, is it any wonder why the president has been endorsed by several police associations across the United States including the International Union of Police Associations, the National Association of Police Organizations, and the Police Benevolent Association of the City of New York?

Of course not!

Our everyday heroes have been disrespected by Democrat leaders all over America. Departments have been defunded and left to fend for themselves. Many officers have been seeking retirement, because they see how they and their fellow officers are being treated in liberal cities and how unnecessarily dangerous it's gotten for them to do their jobs. They don't have the support they should from those they protect.

Nearly 2 decades ago, right after 9/11, police and other first responders were hailed as the nation's heroes seemingly by every soul in America. The bravery and courage they displayed was unprecedented and many lost their lives that day to save strangers they had never met before. Fast-forward 19 years and it seems as though many have forgotten the good our police do. Sadly, some are even taught to not obey or respect our officers.

The men and women who bravely put on their uniforms not knowing if they'll return home that day should know, though, that conservatives understand their importance in a civil society and have their backs. And as long as conservatives are able to call the shots, our uniformed heroes won't be going anywhere and won't be let down.

(Cover photo: Guy Percival)