• Richard Easson

Portland, In Its 53rd Consecutive Night of Riots, Continues to Show Its Far-Left Agenda

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Last night became the 53rd successive night of protests of clashes with police. On Saturday night, as protestors were chanting "Every city, every town, burn the precincts to the ground!" rioters broke into the Portland Police Association's building and set it ablaze. In another part of the city, rioters were seen spray painting and stacking barricade fences on the walls of the federal courthouse, as well as shooting paintballs at the cameras along the exterior of the building.

On Sunday morning, the president tweeted "We are trying to help Portland, not hurt it. Their leadership has, for months, lost control of the anarchists and agitators. They are missing in action. We must protect Federal property, AND OUR PEOPLE. These were not merely protesters, these are the real deal!"

For some time now, the president has been verbally clashing with Portland's mayor, Ted Wheeler, over the presence of federal law enforcement.

In a recent statement directed at the president, Mayor Wheeler said "...We need our president to be held accountable. He cannot continue to quell free speech. He cannot alter the foundation of the American democracy. He cannot use his federal agencies as his own personal army. Mr. President, we see right through you. We see what you're doing. So do us a favor, keep your troops in your own buildings or have them leave our city. Thank you."

No, Mayor, there is no free speech in rioting, looting, assaulting police, damaging businesses, and burning down the city's Portland Police Association and police precincts. The last thing the mayor, and other far-left elected officials should do is preach to us about the "foundation of the American democracy." We can see right through him. We've seen how this plays out in a similar scenario and in a similar city that resides in the neighboring state just north of his.

Until the rioting and looting comes literally to his front door just like it did to Seattle's "summer of love" mayor Jenny Durkan, he'll continue to allow a spectacle that is clearly antithetical to American principles. We need Mayor Wheeler to be held accountable for all of the millions, if not billions, of dollars in damages caused by a situation he chooses not to get under control. He should be held accountable for the injuries suffered by police. He should be held accountable for the businesses that will be forced to close and the livelihoods that are and will be destroyed by his pompous yet cowardly stupidity.

Nancy Pelosi also decided to hop on the "criticize Trump" bandwagon (no shocker here) by releasing a tweet that would make one think she watched Stars Wars for the first time on a new Disney+ account: "Unidentified stormtroopers. Unmarked cars. Kidnapping protesters and causing severe injuries in response to graffiti. These are not the actions of a democratic republic. @DHSgov’s actions in Portland undermine its mission. Trump & his stormtroopers must be stopped."

On Friday, a speaker on the steps of Portland's Mark O. Hatfield Courthouse, Lilith Sinclair, marked the 50th day of the protests. Sinclair is a self-described "afro-indigenous non-binary local organizer" who, in her speech, called for "the abolition of the United States as we know it." Need we say more about the goals and ambitions of these far-left radicals?

Cover photo (Nathan Howard)