• Richard Easson

Progressive Christian Author Asking Forgiveness for National Prayer Service Address

America’s National Prayer Service is an event held every four years the day after Inauguration Day to pray for the president and their watch over the United States. The service this year featured author and self-proclaimed progressive Christian Jen Hatmaker. Hatmaker led a crowd of fellow far-left progressive faith leaders in prayer at the service.

There’s typically never any controversy to report when it comes to a National Prayer Service, but Hatmaker created one by apologizing all over social media for a line in her address that she ended up throwing fellow left-wingers under the bus for writing. One in which she claimed promoted white supremacy.

Her statement opened with the line: "Almighty God, you have given us this good land as our heritage. Make us always remember your generosity and constantly do your will. Bless our land with honest industry and an honorable way of life."

It was that exact sentence that led to her ongoing apology – thanking God for the land of America.

Shortly after her address, Hatmaker took to Facebook to apologize for the line and informed everyone that she did not write it, but it was the event organizers that did. She also made sure to mention that her “stomach hurt all day” just thinking about the opening line.

In her apology Hatmaker said, "I have one regret and thus apology. The very first sentence thanked God for giving us this land as our heritage. He didn't. He didn't give us this land. We took this land by force and trauma. It wasn't an innocent divine transaction in which God bestowed an empty continent to colonizers. This is a shiny version of our actual history. If God gave this land to anyone, it was to the Native community who always lived here.”

She continued, "That line. I knew it as soon as I said it. And I panicked and froze and then just kept going. I am so sorry, community. Primarily sorry to my Native friends. It MATTERS to me that we reckon with our history of white supremacy and the lies we surrounded it with, and I am filled with regret that I offered yet another hazy, exceptional rendition of the origin story of colonization. Ugh."