• Richard Easson

Protests for Defunding Police Possibly Sparked New COVID Cases, Closed Churches Obviously Didn't

It's interesting when career epidemiologists tell a couple hundred people they cannot attend church out of fear of spreading COVID, but encourage a few thousand people or more to take to the streets and protest police. Does that any make sense?

Doesn't make sense to us either.

Some big-city officials have come out and said that they believe there may be some links between protests and a rise in COVID cases in their districts including Seattle, Miami and Los Angeles. Others, like New York City, have been more hesitant to admit the link.

In a statement to Fox News, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio's deputy press secretary, Avery Cohen, said "Based on our health indicators, which measure hospital admissions, number of people in ICU and percentage of New Yorkers testing positive, we have seen no indication of an uptick in cases."

In witnessing the violation of NYC social distancing guidelines, de Blasio blasted the Jewish community after a funeral gathering in Brooklyn back in April. His press secretary retweeted a June 28th post by the Reclaim Pride Coalition, encouraging people to "flood the streets."

Plenty of local and state leaders have been criticized during the pandemic for their contradicting stances. Officials like Mayor de Blasio and NY Governor Andrew Cuomo, have been harsh on religious institutions and their reopening, but they've been rather easy on protestors engaging in mass demonstrations. They have not treated both sides of the spectrum equally, which becomes a constitutional issue, and they still cannot admit that the mass demonstrations even remotely contributed to the increase in COVID cases.

Seattle's mayor did little to nothing to regain control of her city's CHOP autonomous zone for weeks until protestors began trashing the area near her home and de Blasio is doing nothing to retake the City Hall autonomous zone. Like the riots and demonstrations, would these close proximity autonomous zones, where people may or may not be wearing masks, not be breeding grounds for COVID? Are they not less of breeding grounds than a church or synagogue where one hundred or so people are spaced out with masks on?

What this has shown us is that when it fits their agenda and makes their base like them, these mayors and governors will do anything to appease their base, even when it infringes on and clearly violates the constitutional rights of other constituents who want to simply worship and pray in their houses of worship.