• Richard Easson

Republican National Convention: Night 2

Tuesday night's part of the RNC had its fair share of family members from the Trump household, including First Lady Melania Trump, but the night included speeches from a well-rounded group of individuals.

Melania opened the night with an uplifting and optimistic speech. She touched upon her coming to this country as an immigrant, discussed her office's approach to tackling the opioid epidemic, and thanked coronavirus frontline workers. Toward the end of her speech, the First Lady highlighted her husband's hard work and dedication, both as the leader of the free world and as a father. She noted his emphasis on making sure women are appointed to high positions throughout his and her staff.

Speaking from Israel, Mike Pompeo gave the second speech of the night. The secretary of state's message highlighted the president's various foreign policy successes. He touched upon the president's push to hold China accountable for covering up the coronavirus, stealing of intellectual property, and unfair trade policies. He touted the administration's success in eradicating ISIS from large swaths of land throughout the Middle East as well as a number of its leaders. Trump's achievement in bringing North Korea to the negotiating table and fostering a relationship that recently brought the UAE and Israel together in a peace deal were also mentioned.

Former Planned Parenthood employee Abby Johnson spoke about her experience working for the controversial company that provides abortion and pregnancy services. Johnson shared with viewers graphic details about what goes on at the clinics and how she was given abortion quotas to meet. She mentioned how 80% of the abortion clinics are strategically located in minority neighborhoods while 4% of the facilities are in communities that are more than one-third black. Recalling her last day with the company, Johnson said she remembered watching an ultrasound-guided abortion where the unborn baby was "fighting back." She soon became a pro-life activist.

Navajo Nation Vice President, Myron Lizer, expressed his support for Donald Trump. He praised the president's designation of $8 million of the CARES Act to the Indian country to help with the effects of the coronavirus pandemic as well as a separate $273 million to improve public safety and crime watch measures within the Native American community. He also thanked the president for his nomination of Justice Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court citing the justice's support for Native American rights.

Wisconsin dairy farm CFO Cris Peterson and Wisconsin manufacturing business owner John Peterson both praised Trump's policies. They noted that his pro-business policies helped not only their businesses stay afloat, but also many others throughout the country. John Peterson credited Trump in his business's 25% increase in revenues 2 years in a row. Cris Peterson mentioned that a period of low milk prices drove many out of business, but under Trump, her farm, as well as others, have seen conditions improve significantly. They both cited Joe Biden's push for higher taxes and how they will have dire consequences for their livelihoods, as well as for thousands of others.

Maine lobsterman Jason Joyce admitted that he didn't support Trump during his 2016 run for president, but will this November. An eighth-generation lobsterman, Joyce praised the president's deal with the EU that broke off an 8% tariff on Maine live lobsters and up to 20% on Maine lobster products. He said "I strongly support President Trump’s re-election. When he sees something isn't right, he’s fearless in fixing it. He listens to working people."

Nicholas Sandmann, the Covington Catholic High School student who sued a number of media outlets for defamation, spoke on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial for his address, the same place his confrontation occurred. In January 2019, Sandmann, and other fellow students, attended a pro-life gathering on the memorial's steps. Videos went viral of Nick "smirking" while Native American activist Nathan Phillips stood face-to-face with the Covington student while beating a drum. Leftist media outlets like CNN, The Washington Post, and others, painted Sandmann as a racist who antagonized Phillips and incited the incident. Sandmann ended up suing the outlets for defamation - recently settling with CNN for $250 million. Nick used his speech to call out the fake news and pin them as biased far-left outlets that have a sole motive of destroying the Republicans, Donald Trump and anyone who supports them.

Tonight's part of the convention includes speeches from Vice President Mike Pence and Second Lady Karen Pence, South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, Representative Dan Crenshaw, Kellyanne Conway, Burgess Owens, and Lara Trump, to name a few.

(Cover photo: RNC)