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Secret Military Docs Show Canada PM Trudeau Invited Chinese Troops to Train at its Installations

Canadian media outlet Rebel News released a 34-page packet of secret military documents that it received from Trudeau government insiders.

The documents show that the Canadian Prime Minister, known to be rather warm to China and cold to the United States, invited China's People's Liberation Army (PLA) to engage in cold weather training at its CFB Petawawa military installation in Ontario.

Additionally, the packet shows that Justin Trudeau scolded the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) for cancelling the cold weather training after the Chinese government kidnapped two Canadian citizens, Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig.

Some pages within the document have sentences and fragments of sentences redacted by Canadian government officials, but in a transparent grey color so the information can still be easily seen. The items totally blacked out were done so by Rebel News in order to protect the safety of individuals it deemed would otherwise be compromised.

Rebel News reported that it first contacted the Canadian government in April 2019 asking for documents corroborating a report out of Russia that said the Canadian government had sent a delegation to China for the 70th anniversary celebration of the PLA Navy. It's important to note that the delegation was sent 2 months after the kidnappings took place.

After a 19 month delay in receiving the corroborating records from the government, Rebel News reported that the records also stated the Canadian government trained Chinese commanders at the Canadian Forces College in Toronto and at other military installations in Kingston. Additionally, 1- and 2-star generals were participants in the trainings that allowed them to learn Canada's cold weather military tactics.

Additional revelations reported by Rebel News include:

  • Disgraced cabinet minister Catherine McKenna left for China to take part in a 3 day conference just months after the two Canadian citizens were taken hostage.

  • Trudeau sent nearly 200 CAF personnel to Wuhan in October of 2019 to participate in the Military World Games. There are reports that China is using its “belt and road” negotiations to demand that countries drop human rights complaints if they want to engage in or continue trade deals.

  • Chinese censorship of Twitter use.

  • Chinese use of a smartphone app to track Uyghur Muslims in Xinjiang.

  • Bureaucrats' protocol of referring to accused fraudster and Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou as “Ms. Meng,” and refusal to mention the two kidnapped citizens by name.

  • Bureaucrats' pinning any mention of military knowledge transfer to China as rhetoric of the “Trump Administration.”

The documents obtained by Rebel News can be seen here: