• Richard Easson

Steps Toward Erasing Our History - Can Rocky Balboa At Least Stay?

The recent riots and protests have brought about calls for change throughout the country. Among them are the removal of statues depicting Confederate generals from parks and rebel flags from poles. Democrats in the House and Senate have overwhelmingly suggested the removal of statues of Confederate politicians from the Capitol Building. HBO Max just removed Gone With the Wind from its streaming library citing depictions of racism in the movie. The Army and Marines are floating the idea of changing the names of military installations labeled after Confederate soldiers. Rioters even decided that it’d be in the nation‘s best interest to act now, so they’ve been tearing down and setting ablaze statues of Confederates and Christopher Columbus all in the name of curbing racism.

All of this is exactly what the far-left wants. Destroying historical symbols and books containing history are what dictators like Mao, Pol Pot, Hitler, and Stalin did to control what they wanted their constituents to know and not know. And for those living under their rule, it’s exactly where democracy ended and socialism began.

While one should understand that some truly do become emotional when they see some symbol of the Confederacy, people also have the right to have them on their private property. And while it’s probably best not to fly a Confederate flag above a state capitol, removing statues from our nation’s capitol building, because some were Confederates or slave owners is not a step in the right direction.

To play devil's advocate, but also realistically, if removing Gone With the Wind from movie history means saving the feelings of some, then let's also get rid of Blazing Saddles, Chappelle's Show, Green Book, Hairspray, or anything else on this list (spoiler alert: Zootopia made the list). Are we going to go so far as to take down Philadelphia's Rocky Balboa statue and remove all of the movies from TV, because he beat up black guys in the boxing ring? The way things are going, I wouldn't be surprised, but you see where this is going? Once you open a box and set a precedence, the dominos start to fall.

Marxists like George Soros have no problem wiping away American history. People like him fund movements that strive to alter life in America. Make no mistake, the far-left has waited for internal chaos like the riots taking place now, but we've seen it before. During the turmoil caused by the death of Michael Brown we saw Antifa causing most of the damage. Recently, we've seen the violent far-left group hijack peaceful protests and turn them into brawls and pandemonium.

Democrats have gone so far left in cities like Seattle that armed groups have cordoned off several blocks, which includes a now-closed police precinct, and declared it an autonomous zone. Within this autonomous zone, dubbed the "Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone," there are reports of businesses being extorted just for operating within the zone. The mayor, Jenny Durkan, sadly can't even take back control of her city and fired back at Trump after he said he would intervene.

Everybody, this is your free sample of live under socialism. We've seen it all in a little under half a year. Your leftist mayors, governors and other public officials could care less about you having a job or not. They could care less about you running a business to keep food on your table as well as your employees'. They could care less about a whole lot of things that don't benefit them.

As history has shown us, erasing a nation's past is only the beginning to drastically altering the course of a country. It's like following in the footsteps of some of those dictators mentioned earlier or even the Taliban and ISIS who went on a spree demolishing historical locations and destroying antiquities in museums throughout the Middle East. The far-left doesn't want the free America as we know it - they want a socialist paradise.