• Richard Easson

Tech Giants Grilled on Capitol Hill Admit Coordination with One Another

Yesterday, the CEOs from tech giants Twitter and Facebook continued to be grilled by senators on Capitol Hill over their continuous targeted censorship, demonetization and suppression of conservatives on their platforms.

Jack Dorsey of Twitter and Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook are no strangers to Congress as they have been invited to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee on multiple occasions in just this year alone regarding targeted censorship.

Two Republican senators became the stars of yesterday's hearings as they extracted new information from the CEOs that provided the American public a glimpse into how far the companies have gone in developing intricate tools to track and monitor its users.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz questioned Twitter's CEO Jack Dorsey on his company's censorship of conservatives and its flagging and deleting of selected tweets related to the coronavirus and, more recently, election fraud. Twitter has been criticized for taking such actions against even the president's tweets regarding voter fraud, and Senator Cruz blasted him for it.

When asked by Sen. Cruz if voter fraud exists, Mr. Dorsey responded "I-I don't know for certain." Dorsey was then asked if he is an expert in voter fraud to which he responds "No I am not." Sen. Cruz then follows-up and asks why Twitter is putting warnings on voter fraud-related tweets. Mr. Dorsey responds that the statements link to a page that engages the user in a broader conversation where they can learn more about it. Sen. Cruz then condemns Mr. Dorsey's statement and notes that the page Dorsey is referring to tells the user that "voter fraud of any kind is exceedingly rare in the United States."

The other notable senator from yesterday's hearing, Sen. Josh Hawley of Missouri, was hailed overnight by many conservatives in his grilling of Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg. During the session, Sen. Hawley was importantly able to have Mark Zuckerberg, under oath, admit that Facebook coordinates with the other tech giants in its content moderation policies or efforts. Why this is important is because the American people now know for sure that the tech giants share information with one another on their users. Given the obvious suppression of conservatives, these may be users, or companies, the companies deem as not sharing in their views such as Steven Crowder or Breitbart.

Sen. Hawley also grilled Mr. Zuckerberg over a whistleblower complaint regarding an internal tool developed by Facebook with which users' actions and movements are unknowingly tracked. The tool, known as "Centra," traces users' interactions with other users, accounts, and pages, as well as sent and received messages and tagged photos, all which occur across other social media platforms as well as interactions on the internet through cookies.

When asked by Sen. Hawley "how many accounts in the United States have been subject to review and shut down through Centra," Mr. Zuckerberg responded that he wasn't aware of the tool's existence.

The grilling of these tech giants, as well as Google, continues as the Senate Judiciary Committee seeks to determine whether or not these companies should continue to be protected under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act or classified as publishers (those who can determine what can and cannot be seen or heard on their platform). Their claim to be companies that allow a level playing field for all sides of the political spectrum is unraveling and becoming noticed as outright false advertising. Their continued censorship and demonetization of conservatives will continue if nothing is done now, because under a possibility of a Biden Administration. you know damn well that this would go untouched.