• Richard Easson

The 2020 Election’s Show Has Just Begun – Takeaways, Possibilities & Lessons Learned

"I just think COVID is God's gift to the left," said Jane Fonda during a video published online back in October.

Calling the coronavirus “God’s gift” is highly inappropriate and most likely not something us God-fearing conservatives would agree with, but “Hanoi Jane” is surprisingly right with one thing, and one thing only – she’s right in reminding us that COVID-19 is a tragic pandemic that has helped propel the mail-in ballot scheme that the left has championed and President Donald Trump has warned us about since it began earlier this year.

What’s Going On Today?

As of today, the media has heralded Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as the president-elect and vice president-elect, respectively, despite various states with uncertified results. Not surprisingly, they have also steered clear of taking into consideration the series of states that the Trump Campaign has filed lawsuits in citing obvious, but unspecified amounts of election fraud. Not to mention, the states in which automatic and requested recounts will take place in in the coming weeks.

At this point, you’d think the media would have learned its lesson from 20 years ago when it prematurely called the results of the 2000 election between George W. Bush and Al Gore in favor of Gore, no? With Gore predicted the winner with 271 electoral votes, the famous Florida recount, and ultimately the Supreme Court’s decision, became the media’s ultimate embarrassment. Clearly that event hasn’t stopped them and just goes to show you that their decisions are based purely on hatred for Trump rather than fair and balanced reporting.

With lawsuits filed in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Nevada, Arizona, Wisconsin, and Georgia, the Trump Campaign is seeking to prove that the president’s claim that early leads in most of the states were wiped away overnight by fraudulent mail-in ballots including those in the names of individuals who moved out of state or have been deceased for quite some time now.

A particularly concerning instance to the campaign is the seemingly secretive counting of ballots at various counting locations, one of which was in the battleground state of Pennsylvania. At the onset of the ballot counting in Philadelphia, poll watchers, especially Republican ones, were barred from the normal practice of overseeing the counting process taking place inside the Pennsylvania Convention Center. The Trump team secured a win in the state when a lower court allowed poll watchers inside the center and within 6 feet of all canvassing procedures, for the sake of social distancing precautions related to COVID. To one-up that, Supreme Court Associate Justice Samuel Alito ordered Pennsylvania election officials to segregate all mail-in ballots received after 8 PM on Election Day from those received beforehand.

What many are hoping for is that Trump’s 700,000 vote lead over Biden in Pennsylvania on election night, just before counting abruptly stopped, could make a comeback if fraud is proven and the segregated mail-in ballots are invalidated by a court, ultimately giving Pennsylvania’s 20 Electoral College points to Trump in the coming days.

In Michigan, Trump voters have pointed to GOP Chairwoman Laura Cox’s claim that thousands of votes intended for Trump went to Biden in an apparent software glitch. Cox’s claim that 6,000 ballots in Antrim County that were cast for Trump could also be a similar case in 47 other Michigan counties that use the same software, Dominion Voting Systems. According to the Washington Examiner, Republicans are also probing whether or not glitches occurred with Dominion’s software in other states such as Arizona and Nevada.

What Have We Learned So Far?

If we’ve learned anything from this so far, it’s that we have to do everything to protect the integrity of our elections, so we don’t come closer to becoming a banana republic. Free and fair elections are what makes America such an attractive country to millions around the globe. Many wait years, decades or even risk their lives to come here and experience what a democratic election is like, and yet their beginning to experience Groundhog Day. As Joseph Stalin once said, "It's not the people who vote that count, it's the people who count the votes." It’s also that we don’t trust the media – we take what they say, especially when it comes to an election, with a grain of salt, and hold it as truth.

Donald Trump called out the news service that he believed had his back since day one of his presidency, Fox News, in its premature calling of Arizona for Joe Biden. In a statement released on his website, Trump noted that the director of Fox News’ election decision desk, Arnon Mishkin, called Arizona for Biden before all votes were counted. Note, Mishkin is a registered Democrat who voted for Hillary Clinton during her run in the 2016 presidential election, worked as a Democratic political consultant, and has donated to Democrats in the past, including to the Barack Obama campaign in 2008.

The Biden-Harris Campaign and their media friends may be celebrating their long-desired projected win now, but the Trump Campaign has made it clear that they will not give up that easily, as have the nearly 71 million Trump voters. In another statement released on his website on Saturday, President Trump said his campaign will begin prosecuting their case in court on Monday (today) “to ensure election laws are fully upheld and the rightful winner is seated.” In other words, you can be sure that this is far from over.

Some of you may already know that this is not the first time mail-in ballot fraud was such an issue, especially during what many historians and academics believe to be another extremely important presidential election during our nation’s history. The election of 1864, between President Abraham Lincoln and Democratic Presidential Candidate George McClellan, was marred with conspirators on McClellan’s side engaging in mail-in voter fraud that consisted of the forging of signatures of soldiers fighting in the Civil War. Upon mounds of evidence, a military tribunal eventually found those conspirators guilty, jailed them for life, and paved the way for an overwhelming victory for Lincoln.

Questions People Are Asking

Will what many speculate as great timing for newly seated Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett and a SCOTUS decision come to fruition?

Will skepticism in how Trump couldn’t possibly lose the White House while Republicans will possibly maintain the Senate (pending the Georgia run-offs) and, as the Gateway Pundit pointed out, won 28 of 29 of the most competitive House seats, added 3 state legislatures, and did not lose a House race, become reality?

We can agree that another thing we learned after Election Day 2000 is that it can take over a month to decide who will be president – back then it was 37 days. How many days will it be this time?

The Recommendation/Words of Wisdom

You probably didn’t come here to read a Dr. Phil moment, but my recommendation to you is to have faith and patience. Again, the Bush versus Gore case didn’t settle overnight, or in five days, or two weeks, but over a month. More than one state is currently in the midst of a lawsuit, so it could very well take longer, but it’s necessary. And whether or not President Donald Trump ends up coming out on top in the end, there’s lessons to be learned from all of this – we have a duty to protect our Constitution and the integrity of our elections.

Yes, people could have come out and vote. We’ve endured months of crowds in our cities’ streets rioting and looting. Just this past weekend, crowds formed in Black Lives Matter Plaza in Washington, D.C. in support of Joe Biden, as well as in New York City. With that said, people could have gotten out and voted in-person. Those who needed absentee ballots could have requested them as well. As for Democrat-led states, sending ballots en masse to everyone including deceased people and pets, that’s a lesson learned for all sides of the political spectrum. NEVER AGAIN.

If you’re a believer in Christ, like myself, you know that He has a plan. A plan not only for Donald Trump, but for our nation. He hasn’t forgotten about us. A president who has gone through hell and back with the Russian hoax, impeachment, slander and attacks on him and his family from all sides, and now election fraud just to boot him out of office all while he has brought prosperity to all Americans, has shown our aggressors who’s boss, and brought once-enemies to Israel to the negotiating table to sign historic peace deals has not gone overlooked – not by true Americans nor by God.

There’s a plan in all of this, just pray and be patient and then just sit back and watch the show.