• Richard Easson

Trump Wants to Designate Antifa a Terrorist Organization - What Does This Mean for Them?

This declaration, Tweeted by the president on Sunday afternoon, is something that is long overdue.

The far-left hate group, Antifa, has been at the center of controversy for many years now. Popping up in all black outfits and in various sized groups just about every time a protest ensues, and more times than not, a peaceful protest, the group hijacks it and turns it into a violent event.

Recently, with last week's killing of an unarmed African American, George Floyd, by a white Minneapolis police officer, protests have taken place in many areas of the country. Again, many of these protests have been rather peaceful and include people from all races and backgrounds. The violence tends to take place when the cowards with face masks show up. And no, they're not there to link arms and peacefully protest. They're there to incite violence.

Many now-deleted Tweets from various regional and local groups of Antifa have called on their followers to destroy the property and homes in "white neighborhoods."

During the riots, bricks have become a choice weapon for destroying property and hurting anyone who stands in the way of violent protesters. Piles of them have been spotted on sidewalks near stores and shopping malls. In a video recently posted to Youtube, a car full of black face mask-clad caucasians can be seen distributing bricks to black protest-goers.

Again, Antifa should have been declared a terrorist organization long ago. During Obama's presidency, the Tea Party movement was placed on the same level as Antifa. What we saw at that time was a shift of focus from a real hate group to a group that was simply just hated by the left.

Sadly, organizations like the American Civil Liberties Union (ALCU), raced to support Antifa after Trump's tweet. The ALCU, long known for supporting leftist ideologies through lawsuits, coming to the defense of Antifa is really no surprise. The ALCU has, on numerous occasions, been awarded millions of dollars by the Open Society Foundation, a foundation started and funded by none other than leftist billionaire financer, George Soros.

The ACLU's reason for backing Antifa and defending them from becoming a government-designated terrorist organization? They have First Amendment rights. Yes, we all do, but when it comes to burning businesses down, throwing bricks through store fronts or beating down conservative reporters like Andy Ngo for simply having a different opinion than them, there's no reason they should not be designated criminals, and better yet, terrorists. They are violently terrorizing others after all, am I right?

What does the designation mean for Antifa? Well, now they can be monitored in every single way the Patriot Act allows, like wiretapping. It's very possible that the monitoring of this hate group could expose supporters such as DNC officials, foreign governments, elected local officials, financers, and media personalities. Bottom line, anyone involved with Antifa can be held accountable and rightfully so.

Let's face it, Antifa are the true racists here. Hijacking what were peaceful protests and turning them violent, making the black community seem intolerant, and making them seem like they can't protest for themselves is a real form of racism and it's being instigated by none other than your neighborhood Antifa. They are openly taking advantage of a tragic situation and making it an even worse one, not only for innocent bystanders, but for the entire human race. Turning race against race and throwing gasoline on fires is their goal.

Designating Antifa a terrorist group is exactly what needs to be done and then we can begin dismantling what many bigwigs on the left have built and get rid of the true racists that walk among us and lie to our faces during their press conferences.