• Richard Easson

Twitter Took its Time to Suspend Iranian Leader After Posting Threat Against Trump

A Tweet was left up from Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei for several hours that seemed to be threatening former president Donald Trump. The tweet depicted the shadow of a drone hovering overhead a likeness of Trump on a golf course.

Accompanied with the photo was a tweet that translates roughly to "Revenge is inevitable. Revenge must be taken on those who ordered the murder of General Soleimani as well as those who carried it."

On Thursday, Washington Post contributor Masih Alinejad called on Twitter to ban Iran’s Supreme Leader and wrote in her article, "Many Iranian human rights activists have often wondered why Twitter and other social media organizations take so little action against the Islamic republic's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, and other government officials."

She referred to the October Senate hearing where Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said that the Iranian Supreme Leader’s anti-Semitic tweets, especially those in which he calls for the destruction of Israel, "didn't violate the company's rules because they were only 'saber-rattling.'"

It wasn’t until Khamenei’s tweet featuring the likeness of Trump received condemnation from multiple people citing the hypocrisy of banning Trump ahead of the Capitol riots on January 6th and not removing Khamenei’s tweet did they finally do so.

According to the BBC on Friday, one Twitter user said, "How come this atrocious psychopath can openly call for the assassination of a former U.S. president, and not be kicked out of Twitter?"

Another user criticized the company’s double-standard saying, “Trump’s banned but this is perfectly OK. Is this a joke?”

Clearly the rambunctious Twitter CEO has picked and chosen his sides, and it becomes more and more clear where his loyalty lies.

Hint: it’s not with conservatives nor with those who fight for freedom, but with liberals, anti-Semites and dictators.