• Richard Easson

Vanity Fair says Trump Killed 400,000 People with Pandemic, Supporters want them Sued

Liberal magazine Vanity Fair held Donald Trump and his administration somehow solely responsible for the “murder” of 400,000 Americans during the coronavirus pandemic. Many devotees to the former president are showing their support for at least a libel suit against the periodical for their outlandish accusation.

Jared Kushner, Donald Trump’s son-in-law, recently praised Joe Biden’s handling of the tensions in Iran. He encouraged Biden to build upon Trump’s “progress in the Middle East,” especially when it comes to their diplomatic relations forged between Israel and several Arab nations in the region.

So where does Vanity Fair come in?

On Monday, the magazine published an article written by journalist Bess Levin who bashed Kushner for the Trump administration’s response to the pandemic, calling him and “overconfident moron,” without providing any facts as to why the pandemic response was botched. She couldn’t even say anything bad about the administration’s dealings in the Middle East.

The way that Vanity Fair promoted the article on Twitter was even worse that the article itself. The Tuesday Tweet read: “Jared Kushner, who helped his father-in-law kill 400,000 people, has some free tips for Joe Biden.”

Unfortunately for the magazine, there’s still no substance to back up the claims.

Naturally, with a headline that makes it sound as if the former president and his son-in-law went door to door personally spreading the virus, it caused a stir on the platform.

One user followed the same logic but flipped it Biden saying, “What a disgusting rag of a publication. With that logic I guess our current president killed 135,994 and counting.”

Others proposed that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo should be held to the same standard after ordering COVID-positive patients be treated in nursing homes and long-term care facilities.

The scathing tweets didn’t stop there.

Does anyone besides the Joy Behar types really even read Vanity Fair anymore?