• Richard Easson

VIDEO: Cop Plays Beatles Song While Being Recorded, Video Becomes Blocked

A left-wing activist is receiving payback from cops who he tries to film. It’s clever and funny.

According to an article published by Vice News, Los Angeles area activist Sennett Devermont says a video he took on January 16th of him trying to ask Beverly Hills PD Sergeant Billy Fair a question was interrupted as fellow officer Julian Reyes held his phone out and began playing The Beatles’ classic “Yesterday.”

Vice News additionally reported that this wasn’t an isolated incident as police in Beverly Hills have repeatedly played copyrighted music while being filmed in order to trigger a copyright filter on Instagram and other social media platforms. Much to the chagrin of leftist activists, the tactic works like a charm!

Researchers at Lumen Database, Nick Simmons and Adam Holland, studied the copyright takedowns on social media. They noted last year that videos taken at Black Lives Matter protests containing copyrighted music were repeatedly removed from various platforms, including Instagram. The researchers theorized that the method could be invoked by police to stop the spread of videos they don’t want going around on the internet.

The researchers wrote, "Law enforcement, or indeed anyone of any ideological persuasion who was seeking to prevent videos of a particular event from being shared online, need only make sure that copyrighted audio is present with sufficiently recognizable clarity and volume in the background of a protest or other event.”

A month prior to the incident involving the song by The Beatles, Sergeant Fair had a run-in with the same activist. At that time, Fair utilized his cell phone to play Sublime’s “Santeria,” and it did not go over well with Devermont.

The Beverly Hills Police Department told Vice News that the matter was “currently under review,” because "the playing of music while accepting a complaint or answering questions is not a procedure that has been recommended by Beverly Hills Police command staff.”