• Richard Easson

VIDEO: Democratic Mayor of U.S.-Mexico Border Town Blasts Biden Administration

The Democratic mayor of a small town that lies on the U.S. border with Mexico blasted the Biden administration over its mishandling of the ongoing immigration crisis which has affected towns like his.

In speaking with the New York Post on Sunday, Mayor Bruno Lozano of Del Rio, Texas, said, "You have a breach on national security levels that have never before been seen in modern history and you're not even batting an eye about it, you're not even calling it a 'crisis', you're calling it a 'challenge.’ It's a slap in the face."

The 38-year-old mayor, the youngest in Del Rio’s history, caught the eye of many across the country last month when he recorded a video pleading to President Biden to stop releasing illegal immigrants at an alarming rate into his community of 35,000 citizens. He stated that Del Rio was “completely and utterly spread thin with resources” and was unable to take in any immigrants given the surprise winter storm at the time that caused most resources and grocery store shelves to be depleted.

Mayor Lozano has said that his plea to the president and his administration has fallen “on deaf ears.”

"I'm not trying to demonize the humanitarian aspect by any means, but my responsibility is to the city of Del Rio and the residents of Del Rio, Texas, my responsibilities are to the American people that got me elected," the Democrat mayor told the Post. "Nobody wants to actually tackle the issue, you're condoning unlawful behavior, period. There's an lawful way to enter the United States, there's a lawful way to seek asylum and it just undermines the entire immigration process."

Despite the Biden administration falsely claiming that the crisis at the border was inherited from the previous administration, the mayor said that the current crisis along the border is one that’s a federal problem and was caused by the Biden administration announcing lax immigration enforcement.

The mayor expressed his frustration with the fact that he will now have to handle the crisis in his community with resident-paid tax dollars saying, "It's not even in our budget. Every line item is accounted for in municipal government, we're very fine tuned in budget. It's not appropriate.”

"It just blows my mind how disconnected from reality [they are] or maybe they do know, maybe they just don't want to call a spade a spade, you know, because it's uncomfortable," he said. "Let's be real, the Biden administration sent that message that you know 'we're going to reverse this, we're going to do that' and sure enough within days, within days, it started happening again.”

He continued, "It was completely predictable. You have this policy where unlawful entry is being condoned, criminal activity is being condoned, these migrants are using the cartels to traverse Mexico and that's a fact and organized criminal activity is rising because of that."