• Richard Easson

VIDEO: Mom Films Her Child Reading His "GayBCs" Aloud, Calls Him "Woke"

A video was posted to social media showing a mother having her son recite his ABCs, but not with a book you'd expect a toddler to read from.

The child in the video is reading aloud from a book entitled "The GayBCs." The book was written to encourage children as young as four to read as well as understand LGBTQ words.

While some of the words the boy reads don't possess direct LGBTQ connotations such as "M" for "Mountain," he can be heard reading words more directly associated with LGBTQ, such as:

  • "C" for "coming out"

  • "D" for "drag"

  • "G" for "gay"

  • "I" for "intersex"

  • "L" for "lesbian"

  • "N" for "non-binary"

  • "O" for "orientation"

  • "Q" for "queer"

  • "T" for "trans"

Many Twitter users were quick to condemn the video.

One user wrote, "iight folks, it's been real but I'm done with this planet. Taking the next Elon Musk spaceship to Mars so we can start over."

Another said, "wow. I'm gay & the comments below are disgusting. KIDS SHOULD NOT BE TAUGHT ABOUT SEX. PERIOD. Doesn't matter if it makes YOU feel better. Is P for pedo? S for sodomy? I'd object to a kid learning an alphabet of diseases too. It's called preserving innocence."