• Richard Easson

VIDEO: Teacher Stopped by Police Calls Officer a "Murderer," "Mexican Racist"

Police body camera footage that has gone viral shows a woman who identifies herself as a teacher arguing with the police officer that pulled her over.

The unnamed woman was pulled over by police for allegedly driving while using her cell phone. After being told that she was pulled over for distracted driving, the woman says that she was recording the officer out of the safety for her life, and her son's (he was a passenger in the car at the time), and immediately calls the officer a "murderer" several times and asks for his supervisor to come.

After admitting to the officer that she left her drivers license at home she launches into another rambling, bumbling diatribe that not only consists of labeling the officer a "murderer," but calls him a "Mexican racist" that will "never be white" no matter how hard he tries.

When the supervisor arrives at the scene, he backs his fellow officer up on the ticket being appropriately administered and the woman carries on with her illogical and plainly stupid rant.

Sadly, this is exactly the kind of behavior the left and their mainstream media counterparts seek to promote. The woman in this video has now imprinted childish and appalling behavior on her son who was also in the car essentially showing him that it's okay to defy authority and label all police as racists and murderers. A whole new generation will come up believing these lies unless we do something now to change it.

To believe that imbeciles like the woman discussed exist, you'll have to watch the body camera footage for yourself: